9 Wine Gift Wrap Ideas – In 15 Minutes

A bottle of wine is a common gift choice, especially as a last minute resort. With festive season in full swing it is the perfect time to show you 9 different and quick wine gift wrap ideas. You might own most of the materials used, if not they are very easy to find in local craft stores. Have bubbly fun!

I have used a grape juice bottle for representative purposes here, you can apply the same packing techniques to wine bottles, champagne bottles or any bottled gifts.

Gift Wrap with Tissue and Tag

Style 1

  • You need a fancy tissue, a gift tag and a strip of matching ribbon.
  • Measure the napkin to size and fold any excess towards the bottle. Using a few glue-dots or flat double sided tape secure the vertical overlapping side into place.
  • Next tie the ribbon with the gift tag on the neck of the bottle. Done.

Quick Wine Gift Idea

Style 2

  • You need a jute pouch and a mini chalkboard clip-on.
  • Tie the jute pouch in place.
  • Clip on the mini chalkboard and write a personal message. Done.

Easy How to Gift Wrap Wine

Style 3

  • You need a square piece of fabric (approx. 8″ x 8″), a gift tag and matching ribbon.
  • Place the mid-point of the fabric over the mid-point of the cap and hold around the neck of the bottle. Neaten the folds with the other hand.
  • Tie the ribbon around it along with the gift tag. Done.

Wine Bottle Gift

Style 4

  • You need 2 doily (6″ – 7.5″ round), gift tag and organza ribbon.
  • Place one doily at the front and one at the back. Place the overlap of the back doily under the front doily.
  • Tie the ribbon a few time around the bottle.
  • Insert both edge through the gift tag and tie a bow. Done.

Wrap a Wine Bottle

Style 5

  • You need a sheet of fancy gift wrapping tissue paper, a both side punched gift tag and a small strip of ribbon.
  • Place the bottle in the middle of the tissue paper and hold around the neck of the bottle. Neaten the folds around the bottle (refer this video).
  • Using the both edge punched gift tag and ribbon tie a bow at the back side. Done.

Easy WIne Bottle Gift Wrap

Style 6

  • You need a large double sided medium thick wrapping paper and some fancy ribbon.
  • This wrap style is based on this video by Yvone Randall.
  • Fold the paper and secure in place with glue dots or thin double sided tape. Done.

Wine Bottle Neck Tag

Style 7

  • You need a rectangle piece of card-stock (2″ x 4.5″) and a few embellishments for custom gift tag.
  • Using a round puncher (the size of the neck of the bottle or larger), punch a hole at the top of the card-stock.
  • Next fold the card-stock with two-thirds falling below the fold line onto the bottle bottom. This is called a wine-bottle hanger.
  • Attach embellishments or write a personal note. Done.

Wine Gift Wrap for Men

Style 8

  • You need approx. 1.5 meter of fancy cord (mustard suede cord used here), white thin paper and 2 toothpicks.
  • First wrap the entire cord around the bottle and knot it at the back.
  • Next make your paper feathers. Using white paper roughly cut out a feather shape and then slash along both the edges leaving a little space in the middle for the tooth-pick. Attach the tooth-pick to the paper using any strong clear adhesive.
  • Insert these feathers into the cord rounds in the front. Done.

Washi Tape Gift Wrap Banner

Style 9

  • You need a roll of washi tape and 0.75 meter jute cord.
  • First make all the washi tape banners on the cord, similar to the method used for the straw flags in this post.
  • Then using a glue dot under the first banner secure to the bottle at the bottom edge.
  • Now twirl the entire cord banner around the bottle. Secure with double sided tape or glue under certain banners to keep it in place. Done.

A gift wrap always adds more value to the gift. As important as the gift is, sometimes the gift wrap can make all the difference. Get crafty and present it in style! 🙂