Trousseau Makeup Essentials


One of my very close friend, who is getting married, is a total makeup newbie and must have previously just used a kajal and lip-gloss. She was apprehensive about her event makeup as well as items she would require for dressing up after her wedding. Considering there are many girls who aren’t very enthusiastic about makeup but want to try it, this post is a comprehensive list of the basics you require. There are many  basic-makeup articles on the web but I would like to focus on basic-trousseau makeup essentials for Indian brides.


  1. MOISTURIZER – This is a must for everyday wear. Choose a moisturizer depending your skin type, always read the label. During daytime apply the moisturizer first and then the sunscreen. You could also go in for separate day and night creams depending on your skin care requirements.
    Recommended: Neutrogena Oil-free Moisturizer for Combination Skinskin care trousseau makeup
  2. SUNSCREEN – A must when stepping out during the morning/afternoon. You could skip the sunscreen during indoor programs. Also skip the sunscreen if you are going to be photographed because it results in a white cast on your face during flash photography. Definitely apply moisturizer before sunscreen, especially for dry skin.
    Recommended: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Drytouch Sunblock
  3. LIP BALM – This is an essential for all seasons, even if we believe otherwise. Apply a lip balm a few minutes before applying any lip colour or use a tinted lip balm for a quick colour addition.
    Recommended: Forest Essentials Luscious Kokum and Honey Lip Balm

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Lehenga Dupatta Drape Styles (Part-2)


Over the past few months, since my first post on dupatta draping styles, I found a few more interesting lehenga dupatta drapes that I wanted to share. Some are slight variations of the styles already discussed in part-1 and others are completely new drape styles.

Click here for Lehenga Dupatta Drape Styles (Part-1).

The first style today is a variation of the ‘pleated dupatta on one shoulder  that is draped across back and onto the opposite forearm’ style. For the variation as seen in Vineet Rahul’s show, keeping half the dupatta length in front pin it on one shoulder then take is across back and drape the rest in front on the same forearm as the pinned shoulder. Second style is self-explanatory and you could variate the sides. Take half the dupatta in front and drape rest across back and wrap over the opposite arm, then flick the front half over the opposite shoulder in a shawl like wrap. Third style is a variation of the basic saree like seedha pallu dupatta drape that is best suited for narrower width dupattas.Tuck one corner of the dupatta at the lehenga waist, taking the rest of the dupatta from the back drape it on the opposite shoulder keeping the dupatta towards the front.

Basic Style Upgraded

The next style of dupatta drape is a variation of style.7 from my last post. To achieve this style open the dupatta and placing it at the nape of the neck drape it across the back and over the shoulder on the front. Make sure to pin the dupatta on both shoulders for hands-free movement. This is a great style to show off heavily embroidered dupattas or to achieve a cape like look with your dupatta. This drape style was seen at Divya Reddy, Vineet Rahul and Manish Malhotra’s shows.

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Layered Ensembles – Trending


August was the month of fashion weeks in India! We got to see a whole lot of bridal and pret designs. One style that really stood out was ‘layering‘. Layering is described as a way of dressing using multiple garments worn on top of each other, either to provide warmth or to create a fashionable ensemble.The concept of layering is not new to Indian fashion but never have we seen such variety in styling and it’s presence in over 25 designer collections in the same season. Even though layering could be as simple as throwing on a shrug over a kurta, to add an oomph to the outfit play with lengths and textures. Keep it classy.

indian layering wedding

Let’s start with a look at layering with lehengas. The concept of a basic lehenga skirt and blouse has anyways been redundant for the past two seasons and this year we also saw top-layers replacing the dupattas. You could pick anything from short heavily embroidered jackets like Sabyasachi’s, a lapel blazer in soft fabric like Rahul Mishra’s or a slit cape like Neeta Lulla’s to wear over a blouse. It has been noticed that most designers kept the layering pieces either in the lehenga’s colour family or in the neutral colour family.

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Elevate a Basic Kurta (DIY)


I needed a kurta for a family dinner I was attending but wanted to use something from my existing wardrobe at the same time. After a bit of brain storming, and with my experience in the industry, I came up with quiet a few design changes I could make to a basic black kurta I had. One of the ideas was adding embroidery and lace detailing to the kurta. I bought a piece of embroidered fabric, some lace (which I naturally dyed to match the embroidery colour) and used buttons I already had in my craft supplies. Below is a step-by-step guide to achieving the design.


Lace- 21″ (1.5″ extra from the collar measurement of the kurta)
Embroidery on net fabric (net colour same as kurta)
Sewing thread matching kurta colour
Sewing thread matching lace colour
T-pins/ pearl pins
Buttons (optional)
Seam ripper (optional)

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3 Celebrity Makeup Looks with Hair Waves


In today’s Indian Celebrity Inspired makeup post I have listed makeup looks inspired by Bollywood ladies walking the ramp at India Couture Week 2015. The couture shows had an equal dose of glamorous makeup and celebrities. All three makeup looks are different from each other yet based on wavy hairstyles. At the end of the individual tutorials I have linked the wavy hair tutorial, you could also check my previous post here on various other methods of achieving hair waves.

Aishwarya Rai for Manish Malhotra


The focus of this makeup look was on the eyes- burgundy rust smokey eyes. The stark eye was paired with soft glossy nude lips and strong contoured cheekbones. Akriti Sachdev’s video is an indepth step-by-step guide for the makeup look, with a slight difference in colours.

Eye shadow: MAC’s Sketch and Ricepaper or Makeup Revolution Stripped eye palette

Lip colour: MAC’s Mehr or Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse

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The Long Jacket


The long jacket style was prominent at the recent fashion weeks, even though it’s been around for a while now. By long jackets I mean front open- below mid-calf length- over layers. Rohit Bal has incorporated long jackets in his collections since 2009 and Manish Malhotra’s 2012 was a trendsetter for it’s kalidar full-length kurta jackets. But it has never been as omnipresent as now, from modern day designers like Rahul Mishra to industry veterans like JJ Valaya had a few pieces each in their collection.

The designs have evolved over the years- silhouettes, embroidery motifs, fabrics and under layer styling. There are umpteen design options available for both panelled jackets and kurta style long jackets among the recent collections. Take your pick.

couture week 15 india jacket


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