Indian Wedding Planning Checklist

While planning the direction for the blog this year I realized there is a huge gap in the online world for Indian wedding craft projects. There are quiet a few well detailed articles regarding Indian weddings taking place in countries like the US and UK, but none catering specifically to weddings happening in India. As much as I love websites like WedMeGood and TheDelhiBride– they are inspirational but not too detailed about self planned mid-budget weddings and definite DIY projects. So in my quest to assist brides and the bridal party I have created the ‘wedding‘ category wherein I am posting wedding related do-it-yourself projects and styling inspirations.

Today we will be discussing the timeline planning details for a self managed wedding, from the bride and her family’s point view. The wedding planning checklist is based on a six-month courtship period. Even if the time between your marriage being finalized and the wedding date is different, less or more, the headings will remain the same. You can also grab the free printable of the checklist by signing up at the end of the post (or click here).

wedding planning timeline checklist



First and foremost is deciding on marriage. 😉 Next comes the first function called either roka, shagun or an engagement. The usual process for most functions starts with the panditji (Hindu priest) taking out an auspicious date for the ceremony. The next most important thing is the guest list, often times this is a private affair with only the very closest of family and friends being invited. Once your date and number of guests are finalized- decide on the venue for the shagun/roka.

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Gift Card Wrapping Ideas (with Printables)

Gift card is a common choice of gift but that does not mean the presentation has to be common too. Presenting to you five creative gift card wrapping ideas to add a ‘wow’ factor that your friend will love. Easy to print and make in under 10 minutes!

I have gone with the gender neutral and bright color palette of yellow, blue and white to make it universally usable. If you are looking for further customization leave me a message here. 🙂

All you need are access to a printer, medium thick paper and the printable files. Let’s get started.

how to gift wrap a gift card

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Dupatta Design – Cape Style


Today’s DIY is an easy dupatta design in the trending cape style, inspired by the likes of Tarun Tahiliani and Pratyusha Garimella. I converted a basic off-white hand-loom dupatta into a edge dye (natural dyeing) dupatta cape with placement embroidery.

You could use net dupatta with ready embroidery, printed Georgette dupatta, multi-colored silk dupatta or any fabric of 2.5 mtr of your choice. I will be showing a step-by-step tutorial of the dupatta cape – from neckline shaping, embroidery attaching to edge dyeing. In case you do not want to add embroidery or dye your dupatta fabric, just follow steps 1 to 4.

Dupatta Embroidered Cape Style


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Bachelorette Bash on a Tray


Over the past few months I have often mentioned ‘a friend who is getting married‘ and today’s DIY was my gift to her- a surprise bachelorette party! We have a small group of 4-5 school friends who wanted to surprise the bride-to-be and what better way than a fun filled night. I prepared a bachelorette bash on a tray- consisting of themed articles to make the evening even more delightful. This is a perfect DIY a bridesmaid can prepare to make the bride feel even more special. These could be customized for any bachelorette party style- a cozy dinner, a few drinks over chatter, a home cooked meal or a night around town!

Bachelorette Bash Quick, Easy, Inexpensive

The tray consisted of the following: a crown for the bride-to-be, 6 sparkle rings for the bridal party, a set of 6 bachelorette bash coasters, a set of 10 party straws, 10 cupcake toppers along with cupcakes, 6 matching tissues, 5 party props for photography, 2 bridal games and a wooden tray with doilies. Along with being creative this is also an inexpensive bachelorette party idea.

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Guest Baskets for Indian Weddings


Guest baskets have become an integral part of Indian weddings. Whether you are hosting out-station guests in a guest-house, having a resort wedding or organizing a five star hotel wedding – there is a basket idea for each style and price range.

There are 2 steps to making a great guest basket – the items included and the presentation. I wish people wouldn’t just throw in all their items into a cane basket, instead think a little more about the theme and presentation. In weddings planned by professional wedding companies this is usually taken care of, but if you are going the DIY route following are 3 guest basket options with personalized touches.


Budget Guest Basket

The first step is to plan your budget per guest basket. For this under Rs.200 basket I have used a paper basket (Rs.15 including glue), 2 bottles of 500ml water (Rs.10 each = Rs.20), A5 size itinerary print (Rs.4), blue paper strip (Rs.2) nuts (Rs.15), toothbrush (Rs.15), toothpaste (Rs.17), cookies (Rs.40), giveaway present key-ring (Rs.35), stickers (Rs.24) and plastic pouches (Rs.10) – giving a total material cost of Rs.197 only.

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Ethnic Clutch – Easy to Make


I realize most people around me have the notion that DIY means recycling/ upcycling, whereas there is so much more to it. DIY is also about making products from scratch, re-purposing an item apart form it’s set use or customizing a store bought article! I am presenting a half-hour session on DIY clutches this weekend and since the time frame is short I will only be showing surface ornamentation for store bought clutches. So, I though of expanding the session into a tutorial on making an ethnic clutch from ground up.

Colorful Ethnic Clutch Purse

I chose the same color palette as the A-line Cape, you could select fabrics and embroideries based on your Indian wear wardrobe. There are umpteen options to personalize this clutch, but the steps will remain similar. If you are not familiar with a sewing machine, you could also read up the tutorial and entail the help of a local tailor. Let’s get started.

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