Wardrobe Essentials – Part 4


Accessories are an integral part of the wardrobe. I have discussed the essential pieces of clothing in my previous Wardrobe Essentials posts and will be listing the necessary accessories in part 4 & part 5 of the series. I would like to start with the larger sized accessories, i.e. bags, shoes and belt.



The three classic bag styles- tote, handbag and clutch are a necessity. The tote is an all time favourite for runs to the departmental store and even casual meets at your favourite coffee place. The low priced canvas totes can be found in various colours and prints. The most important of these three styles is the handbag. Most of us require a medium to large bag for everyday use to carry our wallets, keys, stationery, makeup kit, et al. This hobo shaped black bag is perfect for it. Pick your regular handbag in either black, tan or nude beige as these look good with most outfit colours. Invest in your everyday bag- it’s better to buy a quality product than having to change it every few weeks of use. After your casual and official bag the third style requirement is of an occasion bag. This black clutch solves a dual purpose, you could use it as a clutch or attach the gold chain and swing it cross-body. The gold plates at the side seam add to it’s face value. First cover your basic needs and then you could purchase multiple styles in either category depending on your usage.

Tote: Forever 21 (Rs.239) Handbag: Mango (Rs.1990) Clutch: New Look (Rs.1295)



The shoe preferences vary between individuals. You could be the sneakers girl, the sandals girl or even the woman in love with heels. It’s a good idea to have a selection of styles in your wardrobe though, choose a minimum of three styles among the six generic ones written about. Also keep in mind you might want to select certain styles over others depending on your feet shape, for example I have broad toes and personally feel ballet flats do not suit me.

The first style is the sneaker- a classic Vans lace-up in black and white print. The sneakers are a comfortable choice for your activity filled life. Second is the nude pump, these go well with most outfits. Pick a pointed toe for added length to your silhouette. The third and my personal favourite are the sandals. This metallic buckle closure flat looks great with Indianwear as well as denims. You could choose between a range of price categories and styles.

Sneaker: Vans (Rs.2999) Pump: Forever 21 (Rs.1539) Sandal: Catwalk (Rs.1099)


Heels add significant value to a girl’s posture and confidence, provided you practice walking in them beforehand. The black heels are synonyms with an LBD ensemble (little black dress). A classic black platform heels can take you from work to clubbing. Pick a comfortable pair of shoes of prime quality in your budget as these will last you for years. The peach beige peep-toe style will go with everything from black to floral prints. The embellished heels provide additional elegance to the style. The last shoe type is the boots- a must for cold weather. These combat inspired boots pair well with dresses and skinny jeans.

Black Platform: Forever 21 (Rs.1299) Nude Heel: Forever New (Rs.2395) Black Boot: Dorothy Perkins (Rs.1799)



The belt is a crucial part of most wardrobes. You could choose between a black, blue, brown, silver or golden belt for everyday use. Please do not buy the lesser priced belts found on roadsides, most of them are of poor quality lasting very few wears. I have been using Forever New belts for a while and find them long lasting. Depending on your budget you could also purchase from higher end brands.

Belt: Forever new (Rs.295)



You could pair your sneakers with denim jeans and a cotton shirt for a casual chic vibe. Style your belt in a knot at the waist over your outer-layer in a boho style. Formal wear gets an upgrade with black platform pumps in patent leather. Boots can be style with shirt dresses and contrast coloured bag. Black accessories add a toughness to the blush pink blazer ensemble. Go safari city mode with khakhi trousers, black heels and black bucket bag.


I have picked the accessories in either black or shades of nude as these pair good with most colours. I will advise you to buy quality product basics. In continuation with the apparel essentials these accessories can be used to build various looks around it. Your must-have accessory list is simplified with styles that are here to stay. Be comfortable and smart! 🙂