Wardrobe Essentials – Part 5


A piece of jewellery can make or break your outfit. Today I will be talking about fashion jewellery essentials. Fashion jewellery does not have to be cheap looking, brands like Forever New make quality products in medium price ranges. When building your jewellery collection try to purchase items in similar metallic tones (gold,silver or bronze), it helps layer and mix-match the sets. Do keep at-least one piece of accessory in the other colour family too.



Earrings are the go-to accessory. Studs are the most common style. You get a variety of options in it, pick a set of studs with a few style options in it. These can be even be worn to college or office. If you like bigger earrings you could even pick fancier studs in basic colours of no more than three-quarter of an inch big. You should also have a pair of dressy earrings. These drop earring will ease your transition from work to social meets. Pick one neutral earring like these silver colour base stone style and with time purchasethe colourful ones depending on your wardrobe.

Studs: Forever 21 (Rs.179) Drop Earring: Forever New (Rs.445)



Necklaces are an easy way to add elegance to your outfit. There are various styles available making it hard to choose. Start with buying a lightweight neckpiece that goes well with both formal shirts and casual tops. You could go for a single small pendant necklace or a dainty layered style necklace. The second style to have in your accessories case is a set of classic lady-like pearls. This adds instant elan to your ensemble. The two piece set of pearl and diamante neckpiece from Forever New can be worn together or separately , giving you more value for money as well as styling options.

Layered Necklace: Mango (Rs.490) Pearl and Diamante Neckpiece: Forever New (Rs.695)



There are three main hand accessories- watch, bracelet and rings. The rings are often a personal choice, many don’t like wearing them either. Whereas the bracelet and watch are available in distinct styles so you will find something you like. Pick a basic band like this Forever 21 bracelet that matches well with both classic and edgier outfits. Watches are an investment, though there are low priced brands like Sonata available which make quality products. Decide a budget and buy the best brand available in it, apart from the watch working for years you also want the band to last long. A metallic band watch works best for starters as these pair easily with other metallic accessories you have.

Bracelet: Forever 21 (Rs.419) Watch: Sonata (Rs.1599)



Even though sunglasses and scarves aren’t a necessity, everyone should own atleast one of each. I am not a sunglass person at all but even I own one, it’s useful as well as dresses up your ensemble on sunny days. You could go for a lower priced one for rare usage or if you like variety buy a mix of styles and price points. The scarf is a personal style statement, from the colour to the drape of it. Scarves are an interesting element that can instantly transform your outfit. For starters pick a basic black and white floral print scarf like this one that pairs well with most outfits.

Sunglass: Forever 21 (Rs.409) Scarf: Forever 21 (Rs.599)



Whether you dress formal or casual, classic or boho, there is an accessory for you. A big peach pearl earring instantly adds classiness to the lace dress. A pair of chandelier earrings lift’s the casual denim ensemble. A stack of bracelets adds texture to the colourful ensemble. Layered necklaces make this regular outfit standout. A casual tee gets an uplift with the additin of the neckpiece and sunglasses. The bright scarf up-throws the burnt brick outfit.


This post ends my series on wardrobe essentials. Hope it helped build a stronger basics wardrobe along with useful styling inspiration. Writing through the posts I realised I was missing a few important items in my cupboard. I have written them down for my next shopping haul. Let me know what other styling posts you would like to read. 😀