10 Unconventional Gifts for Couples


I have been wanting to do this post for a while but the fear of contacting the various artists and enterprises had stopped me, but as I grow more confident with the blog I will be featuring more outside businesses and new ventures. In today’s post I present 10 unconventional gifts for couples. Please note all the products and services mentioned are available in Kolkata and most of them also cater to the rest of India.

As much as we love the idea of a beautifully wrapped set of silverware, household items or personal accessories; one cannot deny the charm in a more thoughtful, personalized and experiential gift. By personalized I do not mean the usual photograph related personalized items available so commonly. These are fun gifts either created by artists or experiences that let the couple spend quality time with each other. The following gifts are apt for weddings, anniversaries or to show your appreciation to any couple.



Doodle Love Canvas by Brushes and Strokes

The couple’s personal story doodled by Harshi Agarwal of ‘Brushes n Strokes’ is as personal as a gift goes. This is a perfect gift from the couple’s close friends who know the details of the story. Any person with an interest in doodle art or with a fun sense of humor would love receiving their love story on canvas.

Price: Rs.3500 for A4 size art work.
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/strokesnbrushes




Kolkata Salsa Classes for Couples by Sovit and Satyaki

Many couples these days take dance classes for their Sangeet ceremony. If the couple in question particularly took Salsa classes then you can bunk this option, if not a few classes of couples Salsa is all they need to feel more in sync. I can personally vouch for Sovit and Satyaki’s classes- even if you have two left feet they’ll make you comfortable in the dance routine. You could go for other couple dance options like Bachata too. The couple will definitely get a kick out of these dance classes!

Price: Rs.3600 for 4 classes
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/sovitsatyaki




Ganga Kutir Kolkata

Honestly, I am stealing this idea from my brother.;) A friend of his recently got married and all friends chipped in together and gifted the newly wed couple a spa weekend at Ganga Kutir, a luxury property about one and a half hours away from the city. Spa resorts like this can be found around most cities, just make sure the property is safe and well maintained. If you do not have the budget to gift for an entire weekend away you could also book couple spa treatments or an all paid dinner at an exclusive restaurant. All these options give the couple, newly wed and older couples, quality time with each other.

Price: Rs.15299 per night onward for Ganga Kutir
Website: www.raichakonganges.com




Give Indian Donation

If you know a couple who are specifically fond of social work, this gift would be well appreciated by them. There are multiple causes to choose from- education, health, child welfare, etc. A small donation goes a long way and the couple also receives silent prayers from the help you provide on their behalf. If needed print a copy of the receipt and present it in a handmade envelop bought from an NGO.

Price: Rs.850 onward
Website: www.giveindia.org




Seek Sherpa Kolkata Tours

Before you roll your eyes and move on to the next option hear me out. This is an amazing option for a couple who shift to a new city after their marriage, even if just one of them is from outside the city. They do not have to visit the standard tourist spots. You can choose from the various city tour options from Seek Sherpa and along with experiencing the food tours / art tours /shopping tours , the couple also get’s to meet new people. When you plan to gift this, my advice is to book a tour for the couple with open time slots so the gift can still be a surprise.

Price: Rs.600 / person per tour onward
Website: www.experiences.seeksherpa.com




Pottery Classes by Manjari

Another enjoyable idea would be craft classes for the couple. It could be a craft/hobby that either one enjoy, or something entirely new too. This is an interesting idea for both new and old couples, especially since it gives them a new conversation piece while relishing a few hours together. I think this is also a lovely idea for a double date. Pottery classes by Manjari Kanoi comes well recommended for Kolkata folks.

Price: Rs.800 for a session on pot making, onward
Facebok page: www.facebook.com/pottery.homedecor




Tea Box Subscription

Above sixty percent of India’s population are tea lovers, some couple near you must be too. The personalized tea subscription is going to give them the freedom to experiment with different flavors without having to spend a dime. The couple can delight in the different flavors of tea arriving at their door-step every month and they will be reminded of you each time they sip a new Oolong, white tea, green tea or any other flavor that they receive. If you are aware of the couple’s taste buds you can also use the subscription quiz and let the brand suggest flavors for the first box.

Price: Rs.1399 for 3 month subscription
Website: www.teabox.com




Saurabh Rungta Couples Photography

A couples photography session is a great idea for couples married for 4 years or more, when the trend of engagement shoot was not en-vogue. Since it is not a pre-wedding shoot most photographers would be open to negotiation especially if done in an off-season and if you do not require too much editing. If a recently married couple did not like their pre-wedding engagement shoot, you could gift them a professional shoot too. The photography session gives the couple a few hours of being together and to play around with their chemistry via the poses in the photographs.

Price: On request.
Website: www.saurabhrungta.com




Gourmet Plate Kolkata Cooking Packages

There are two ways to go about this- either gift a working couple a whole week’s lunch for their first week back from the wedding break, use services like SpiceBox, or gift the joy of cooking together to the couple. The concept of Gourmet Plate is to make cooking hassle free by providing you with all ingredients cut-up and ready to cook along with the recipe. The dishes range from Thai, Italian to Mexican cuisines and can be ordered to serve 2 or more people. I selected this off-beat idea because cooking together would be a fun couple’s activity. Just make sure to mention while gifting them a planned meal that both the members have to take part in the cooking process.

Price: Rs.350 per dish onward
Website: www.gourmetplate.in




Bombay Custom Design Shirts

Gifting a clothing item is not unconventional in itself but when you gift a Bombay Shirt Company voucher you are gifting the couple some fun time designing their own shirts using the numerous design detailing available. Imagine the couple in the evening, cuddling with their laptops and laughing over each other’s design choices. I would suggest you give a minimum of Rs.4000 gift voucher so that both the husband and wife can get a shirt for themselves.

Price: Rs.1990 per shirt onward
Website: www.bombayshirts.com

P.S.- By the time I finished this post I was fantasizing about the amount of fun I would have with either of these unconventional gifts. 😀

Note: I have come across these options on my own and all opinions expressed are mine. No sponsorship involved in this post.