Trousseau Makeup Essentials (Part 2)

In continuation with my last post , Trousseau Makeup Essentials, following are rest of the makeup essentials for Indian Brides.


  1. RED LIPSTICK – There is a shade of red for everyone. Even though I don’t wear a red lip often, there are times when a red lip is all I need to make an ensemble pop. Try as many shades of red till you feel comfortable and confident in a particular shade. Check my post on lip colour basics for more information on application and makeup looks.
    Recommended: M.A.C Ruby Woolip colours trousseau makeup
  2. PINK/CORAL LIPSTICK – Depending on your skin-tone and the makeup look you are going for pick atleast two lipstick shades either from pink, coral or berry colour family. If you don’t plan to use them often go for budget brands. Make sure one shade is a matte and the other a gloss, along with colour variation you get texture variation.
    Recommended: Colorbar Rose Clair
  3. NUDE LIPSTICK – By nude I mean a shade which is ‘your lips but better’. A total nude would wash out most people and looks best with dramatic eye makeup, since this is a list for beginners I would not suggest a total nude. You could either go in for a nude pink or a nude maroon. This would be your go-to lipstick for everyday wear and for formal occasions.
    Recommended: Lakme 9 to 5 Peach Path / Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balmlip products trousseau makeup
  4. LIP GLOSS – Most lip glosses look the same eventually, so just having one lip gloss in your makeup trousseau would do the trick. Pick a gloss with less pigment and nearest to the colour family you love best.
    Recommended: Faces Lip Creme Cosmopolitan
  5. LIP LINER – Optional. A lip liner is great shaping or as a base. This is completely optional fro beginners and if you do want a lip liner select a shade nearest to your natural lip colour. Pick a lip liner from a good brand as they have better staying power than most budget brands.
    Recommended: Maybelline Lip Liner Velvet Beige


  1. BUFFING BRUSH / MULTI-PURPOSE FACE BRUSH– Use it with all your base makeup from foundation to powder products.
  2. BLUSH BRUSH– A dome shaped fluffy brush used to apply blush and could be use for contouring too.

    trousseau makeup brushes
  3. EYE-SHADOW APPLICATORS– Foam eye-shadow applicators are best for applying colour on the eyes.
  4. CREASE BRUSH/ SHADOW BRUSH– A fluffy eye brush is needed to smooth out harsh eye shadow lines, blend colours and apply crease eye shadow colours.
  5. ANGLED EYE BRUSH– Used for gel liners, You could also slightly we t the brush and use your eye shadow powder as eye liner.
  6. LIP BRUSH– Optional. I love a good lip brush especially cause I love mixing and creating newer shades.Recommended: Real Techniques Core Collection and Real Techniques Starter Set for Eyes
    (Both sets combined costs just as much as buying the five individual brushes, thus better to buy the sets.)


  1. NAIL POLISH– The must have colours include a gold, silver, red, pink, nude and a top coat or clear polish. Further on you could add as many shades as you like.
  2. NAIL POLISH REMOVER– Buy a medium sized to big sized bottle, you will require a lot with the different out fit changes in the first few days.
    Recommended: Colorbar Nail Polish Removertools trousseau makeup
  3. MANICURE KIT– Comprising of nail cutter, nail file, buffer and cuticle shaper. Add ons like toe separator, angled cutter and dead skin remover are optional.
    Recommended: Vega Set of 8 Tools
  4. TWEEZER– You could either buy it separately or some manicure sets come with a tweezer.
  5. COTTON BUDS– These are handy for detailed makeup corrections as well as ear cleaning.
  6. COTTON PADS/BALLS– Buy a pack of plain white soft cotton balls or pads for makeup removal.
  7. WET WIPES– A must for all handbags and makeup sets. They are a quick makeup removal and face wipe solution.
    Recommended: Johnson Baby Wipes
  8. MAKEUP REMOVER– Select a face and eye makeup remover. Most makeup removers have generic properties. If you have specifically sensitive skin or other skin issues, it is best to ask a dermatologist for makeup remover options.
    Recommended: Neutrogena Makeup Removermakeup trousseau pouch
  9. TRAVEL MAKEUP POUCH– A travel size makeup pouch is handy for your honeymoon as well as to carry makeup in your handbag. Most of you will have a set makeup drawer in your room, if not then buy a makeup box for storage.
    Recommended: Forever 21 Cosmetic Bag

Most of the tools mentioned in today’s post can be purchased online, Amazon and Nykaa keep running deals on makeup products. I would suggest for lip colours you try out each shade because something that suits me might not suit you and vice-versa.

I have detailed pointers for each category, but I have done my best to list the most important points. If you are looking for a consultation in Kolkata drop me a message at

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