Tops DIY – 3 Quick Styles

I love my sewing projects – like the a-line capedupatta drape and embroidered belt – but I constantly receive requests for no-sew style DIY projects. So today I am presenting to you 2 no-sew and 1 embroidery style DIY. Each surface ornamentation style can be completed in 30 minutes or less. Get crafty!

Denim Shirt – Embroidery Patch (no sew)

diy embroidery patch no sew


  • Denim Shirt (mine is from ONLY)
  • Iron-on embroidery patches
  • Handheld iron


Play around with the embroidery placement. Once happy with the placement- press the iron hard onto the embroidery and hold for about 5 secs. Maintaining pressure move around the iron over the embroidery patches. Check if the patches have stuck, if not press again.

The embroidery patches are hand washable and the embroidery patches I bought have lasted me over six washes.

quick style diy


Tank Top – Embroidered Edges

dit tank top


– Tank top
– Embroidery thread in contrast color.
– Hand sew needle


Thread the needle and using blanket stitch embroider around the armholes and neckline. This is the most time-consuming method among the three tops DIY. It would take you approx 30 minutes to finish both armholes and the neckline. Make sure the ending of the thread are tied proper and the blanket stitches aren’t too loose.

contrast trim detailing in top

easy embroidery on top

Basic Top – Painted Confetti

paint on tshirt quick


– Cotton top
– Fabric paint in gold
– Stamping tool (I used the back of an i-let tool for the circle stamp)


Place a cardboard between the front and back layers of the top, this prevents the paint from seeping through the layers. Next dip the stamping tool into the paint and start applying paint on the fabric. Use medial amount of paint- too much and you will have clumps, too less and the fabric will be visible underneath the top. Follow instructions on the paint bottle regarding drying time and ironing method. My top’s diy lasted for more than five washes.

painted tshirt diy

diy tshirt

(P.S. Please forgive the bad photography. I had to use an HTC cell camera due to unforeseeable circumstances.)

These tops DIY are great to add some funk and personal style to an ensemble. Which will you be trying next? 🙂

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