The Monsoon Edit (Part 2)


In continuation with yesterday’s Monsoon Style post. The following is a guide to keeping your beauty quotient high even on rainy days.

When you are headed out in the rain even carrying an umbrella can not prevent you from the hazardous effects of the sideways rain and humidity. As much as one would love to go bare-face it is not always an option. The best way is to wear bare minimum makeup that is easy to handle as well. I have listed a set of drugstore products as well as product recommendations from high-end brands.

drugstore makeup for monsoon

L’oreal BB cream / Rimmel waterproof shadow stick / Rimmel waterproof gel eyeliner / Rimmel waterproof eye definer / Eylure brow gel / Maybelline hypercurl waterproof mascara / The Body Shop lip and cheek stain/ Maybelline dream touch cream blush / Colorbar velvet matte lipstick


Skin tends to look sticky and oily during the monsoons, use an oil free cleanser to regularly clean your face. You should skip the layers and go for an all purpose light weight product like BB or CC creams that helps prevent patchiness. The lighter base also helps the skin to breathe and prevents you from sweating too much. The L’oreal BB cream comes with the additional benefit of SPF protection. If you are looking for coverage you could pick a waterproof liquid foundation like the MAC foundation. If needed use a concealer but sparingly. Dust the face with a powder-based formulation to prevent excess shine.


Avoid dry powdery eye makeup formulations, they flee the quickest, instead go for gel like formulas. Try and skip the eye shadows, if you do wear it use cream or waterproof products.When it comes to lining and accentuating the eyes always go for waterproof formulas. The water-resistant formulas don’t budge with water or sweat, making them perfect for all-day wear. While lining the eyes or filling the brows go for gel pencils or gel cream, these come in waterproof formulas as well. Mascaras tend to run the most so always go for waterproof mascaras, most companies make them.

high end makeup for monsoon

MAC nourishing waterproof foundation / Bobbi Brown cream shadow stickBobbi Brown defined gel eyeliner / Inglot waterproof mascara / MAC brow gel creamBobbi Brown long-wear gel liner / Benefit lip and cheek stain / Inglot cream blush / Inglot matte lipstick


On the cheeks go for creamy formulations. These glide onto the skin and get absorbed giving a long lasting natural flush to the cheeks. Powder blushes tend to fade away sooner in the humidity. If you want stronger cheek makeup touch up the cream blush with a powder blush once indoors. When contouring be light handed with your products, you could use powder bronzers or liquid highlighters.  In the end you could use a setting spray to keep the makeup in place.


Pick matte lip moisturizing formulations as they do not budge and are longer lasting. With the gloom around you should go for brighter fun lips that uplifts your mood. You could also wear tinted lip balms for a more subtle colour. Another option is to buy a double-duty lip and cheek stain that is also easier to use for touch ups.

Emilia’s rainy day makeup routine follows the bare minimum makeup rule. She uses very few products like a BB cream, concealer, waterproof eye makeup and light contouring. Her routine is the nearest to what I have been doing in the monsoons. As for the makeup in my handbag I carry a gel eye pencil and a lipstick that I also use to touch up my cheeks. A lip and cheek stain and cream eye shadow is on my shopping list. I also carry perfume and blotting sheets that keep the shiny oily t-zone and eyelids in check.


hair products for monsoon

Kerastase siscipline shampoo and hair mask / BBlunt anti-frizz leave in cream / Toni & Guy moisturizing spray

When it comes to hair monsoon wrecks havoc, from frizzy hair to oily scalps. Girls with curly or wavy hair face the frizzes the most, especially when you have naturally dry hair that tends to absorb the moisture from the air and pouf up. Along with good hair care like using the Kearstase nourishing shampoo and hydrating hair masks you could also use anti-frizz products. Anti-frizz products like the BBlunt serum are styling products that help keep your mane smooth in humid conditions. For a detailed discussion on frizzy hair causes and tips view this video by Mimi Ikonn.

If you have straight hair then oily scalps might be your biggest woe, once your hair gets wet your style collapses and you are left with a flat shape all day. This leads to shampooing more often which strips your hair of its natural oils leaving it limp. A non greasy formula like the Toni & Guy moisturizing shine spray is your best bet to control the style and add finesse.

The hair is prone to damage in the rains so you have to be gentle with it. Avoid rigorous towel drying and try air drying as much as possible. Using too much product or washing the hair too often is also a big no. If you get caught in the rain, use a wide toothed comb instead of a fine-tooth comb which causes breakage. And even though there is no respite from rainy day hair it is no excuse for unflattering hairstyles. In the following video Kirbie shows us three hairstyles which look good even in damp or frizzy hair.

Although long, hope the post helps solve some of your monsoon related beauty concerns. Happy splashing. Have fun! 🙂

P.S: Excepting MAC, Bobbi Brown and Benefit beauty products all other makeup, fashion and accessories are available for online purchase.