The Monsoon Edit (Part 1)


The monsoons are in full swing which means muddy potholes, clouded skies and unpredictable showers. It’s especially bad for people who have to commute to and from work on a rainy day. The very thought of soggy clothes, slippery feet, melting makeup and bad hair sends a chill down the spine. However, there are ways of staying stylish even in the stormy weather. The following is a guide to keeping your style quotient high even on rainy days.

You don’t have to sacrifice style just because it is pouring. It’s time to revamp your rainy day ensemble and enjoy the season.


Foremost infuse colour in your attire in this grey gloomy weather. Pick vibrant hued tops and colourful knee length rompers. Pick sensible hem lengths and avoid maxis or flowy bottoms. Cutting the length shorts saves you the hassle of folding your trousers every time it begins to rain. In trend culottes are a good pick, providing both comfort and style. Avoid whites, most of the white outfits become too transparent and get dirty in a short time. In terms of fabric select fast drying blended fabrics. Chiffons, mulmuls and georgettes too dry in a jiffy. Try and avoid jeans as they take hours to dry leaving you in a prickly situation if caught in the rain. Also avoid light coloured bottoms.

In the 1st ensemble I have paired a ankle zippered hem trousers with a flamingo print cropped shirt. Both the pieces are made of crush resistant and quick dry materials with the right touch of semi-formal chic. For the 2nd ensemble I have paired black culottes with a vibrant floral print top. Even though the trousers are made from non-breathable polyester, the wide hems provide comfort while the top adds further to the style quotient. Both the ensembles are bright and suitable for both formal and semi-formal wear.

budget outfit for monsoon

Versalis print raincoat / Forever 21 woven trousers / First & I crop topThe Elephant Company straight umbrella / Forever 21 faux leather crossbody bag / New Look jelly sandals


Lay your leather bags to rest and opt for PU (polyurethane) or faux leather bags that makes rainwater roll right down. A wide range of single colour to floral printed PU bags are available in the market, from street shopping to high-end brands. Faux leather offers a level of style without the adverse weather effects that are visible on real leather. In terms of shape pick cross-body, zippered totes or backpacks. It’s more practical to throw your possessions into a chic cross-body or backpack which leaves your hands free to juggle between the umbrella, buttoning raincoats and hailing cabs. If you require additional space choose a zippered tote that prevents from your things falling around and with handles long enough to be strung over your shoulder.


When I hear rain the first style that comes to mind is flip-flops but from experience and research they are one of the worst choices. You should pick sandals with straps in the back that provide grip to your feet and avoids muddy splashes on your clothes. A back strap sandal that holds your feet in place prevents you from slipping when the shoes get wet. Another important factor is the sole of the shoe. Avoid shoes with a smooth sole, they tend to slip, and wear ones with grooves deeper than one millimeter. Three main materials for shoe selection during the rains are- plastic jelly sandals, thick rubber shoes and patent leather sandals. Patent leather is also a good choice for pumps to go with your formal outfits. Apart from strappy sandals you could also wear gladiator sandals that ensure your feet have the required grip to brave the slippery pavements and high platform sandals that keeps you above the puddles. When wearing closed shoes choose materials like PU and rubber. Avoid canvas shoes, they tend to take a long time to dry.

outfit for monsoon

Bravesoul floral rain mac / Catwalk 88 woven culotte / Girls on Film floral print top / New Look transparent umbrella / Desi Drama Queen tote bag / Flying Wardrobe gladiator sandals


There are rain gears that maintain your style status while protecting you from the showers. They don’t have to be boring, make them something to look forward to. Various styles are available these days, from transparent to allover printed raincoats and umbrellas. A sturdy printed umbrella, like the arches print in the 1st ensemble, will shield you while making you look every bit stylish. The fast food printed transparent umbrella in the 2nd ensemble is equal bits funky and practical cause of it’s retractable metal frame. Be adventurous with your choice. The a-line polka printed raincoat in the 1st ensemble and the floral rain mac in the 2nd ensemble are both stylish ans practical. You could even pick a transparent raincoat to show off your  specially picked rainy day ensemble.


A water-resistant watch is a must during the monsoons, if you wish to wear one. When it comes to jewellery try to avoid bulky pieces that will make you sweat more. Also avoid loose jewellery items on your hands, they tend to slip off on wet skin. Certain fashion jewellery pieces are made of mix metals which tend to leave green/black marks on the skin when in contact with moisture. Try to avoid wearing such mixed material pieces during the monsoon when humidity and body sweat are at a high. Instead go for delicate silver or lower karat gold accessories. Another useful accessory are the hats, but they might become cumbersome on a windy day. When it’s only drizzling a brimmed hat may be all you need to shield yourself.

It’s a good idea to keep a few extras at your workplace, like a spare pair of shoes and a top. You might want to wear rubber sandals on the commute and then dry your feet and change into a pair of stylish shoes. The spare top will help bail you out of any unexpected soggy situation. I also never leave house without wet wipes! They are as useful to wipe muddy feet as to wipe sweat form the face. Another good tip is to carry resealable plastic pouches to put your mobile and other smaller items in for protection from the rain.

Hope the post helps solve some of your monsoon related fashion concerns. Part-2 of the post with makeup and hair tips is coming tomorrow. Gloomy weather does not have to translate into a gloomy you, wear the brights and splash around. Try the new and have fun! 🙂