Textile Inspired Wall Hanging


I have a white room with white furniture and was looking for ways to add some colour to it. After a few minutes of Pinterest browsing I planned on making this wall hanging that embodies both elements of my work and my need for colour. My collection of craft materials is quiet huge, I often buy items that catch my fancy and aren’t too expensive even if I don’t plan to use them for the project in hand. So, gathering elements for the wall hanging was a breeze.

You could customize the elements and colour palette according to materials available. I went with a pink and orange palette, adding shades of purple to it. Following is a pictorial step-by-step guide to arranging and adding elements. I have linked to individual element’s tutorial where needed. I made two wall hangings in this set.


Flat canvas board- 8″ x 10″
Flat canvas board- 8″ x 8″
Acrylic paint- 2 bottles
Foam brush- 1 piece
Old paint brush- 1 piece (to take paint out of the bottle)
Fevicol/ Mod Podge- 1 tube
Glue dots/ Hot glue gun- 1 pack

Wall Decor DIY



Stocking cloth- 1 pack pink + 1 pack orange (often used for flower making)
Pom-poms- various sizes (similar found here)
Anchor thread/ embroidery thread (similar found here)
Wool yarn for knitted patch (tutorial for basic knitting)
Ric-rac ribbon
Printed fabric
Embroidered fabric scraps
Knitted fabric in pink
Three colour braids of knit fabric (how-to tshirt braid tutorial)

Wall Decor DIY 2

Step 1:
– Paint one layer of acrylic paint. I was using foam brushes for the first time and loved the results and ease of application. I would recommend it to everyone painting broad flat surfaces.
– Make sure to paint the edges of the canvas board too. Let the first coat dry for about 15 minutes.
– This is how the canvas board looks after the first coat (right picture).

Wall Decor DIY 3

Step 2:
– Paint the second layer of acrylic paint. I used pearl finish paints for a slight shiny second layer.
– Let the second coat dry for about 15 minutes before the next step.
– This is how the canvas board looks after the two coats of paint (right picture).

The canvas is painted for two reasons- so that there is no whiteness below the stocking and the smaller blank areas between elements do not stand out in white.

Wall Decor DIY 4

Step 3:
– Arrange all the elements on the board.
– Play around with the placements till it’s balanced in your eyes. If required get a second opinion.

Step 4:
– Start sticking down elements.
– Let the stocking fabric remain in place without pasting it.
– Next paste the flattest element like printed fabric and to for a tactile feature add pinched pleats while pasting. I used Fevicol for pasting the fabric.
– Make sure to spread the Fevicol thin because thicker Fevicol layer leaves prominent marks even after drying.

Wall Decor DIY 5

Step 5:
– Depending on your elements, work in sections.
– Next I glued the knit fabric braid ends to secure the braiding. I used glue dots for this 3d element. Fevicol would not be strong enough to hold it.
– Glue dots were also used to secure the braid on the canvas board. Apply the dots with spaced out but enough for a strong grip.
– Press in place.

Wall Decor DIY 6

Step 6:
– The next element in the lower section were the embroidered scrap pieces.
– I applied Fevicol over the board area and pasted the pieces in place.
– For overlapping embroidered pieces you might need to apply Fevicol at the overlaps.

While pasting elements start with the bigger elements and end with easily manipulative smaller elements. This way you won’t have too much blank space on the canvas.

Wall Decor DIY 7

Step 7:
– Next I started work on the middle section.
– Use white glue (Fevicol) for the flat elements like textured paper and frayed knitted fabric.

Step 8:
– Knit a 4inch x 4inch swatch. I have linked a tutorial for a basic knitting in the elements section. I used the same swatch for both canvases.
– Even though the knitted fabric was a thicker element I used Fevicol because the glue dots would show between the loose knit stitches.

Wall Decor DIY 8

Step 9:
– Next I pasted the pom-pom arrangement in place.
– Use glue dots or hot-glue gun for the circular pom-poms.
– Once you have glued the knitted swatch and pom-poms tilt the canvas straight , as it would hang on the wall, to check for any loose elements.

Wall Decor DIY 9

Step 10:
– Secure the stocking fabric in place with white glue once the lower and middle section are done.
– Make sure the Fevicol layer is thin.

Wall Decor DIY 10

Step 11:
– Secure the next stocking fabric in place with white glue. Make sure the Fevicol layer is thin.
– We are going section-wise so we secure all layers excepting one end section.


Wall Decor DIY 11

Step 12:
– Using Fevicol I attached the ric-rac ribbon and anchor thread mix.
– Use glue dot to secure the tassel on the right top corner.

Step 13:
– Cut away any excess fabric, threads and paper around the edge for a clean finish.

Wall Art Easy DIY

Step 14:
– Repeat the same process with your second canvas board. Arranging the same elements in a variation adds interest to these tactile wall hangings.

Wall Decor DIY 13

Voila! Custom made bright wall hanging. It’s easy and quick once you have all the elements together. Play around and have fun!

What do you think? 😉



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