Trousseau Planning and Budgeting


A close friend of mine recently got engaged and we began our long conversations about wedding planning. One of our favorite topics of discussion is the trousseau, from bridal to casual outfits. Having experienced the nightmare of planning a trousseau during a few other close weddings I decided to make a checklist and discuss a few pointers. I believe in being organised in life especially for big events like a wedding, so the original list was too detailed but I cut it down to cover the broader categories. Hope this list helps you plan and budget your ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ trousseau.


Once the wedding date, number of functions and the venues have been decided start by segregating the total budget for the trousseau. Next, decide on what kind of ensemble you need for each event and their individual budgets. At this stage also dedicate a part of the budget towards beauty and other services. A bride these days carries a mix of Indianwear and westernwear outfits, determine the number for each category.  The fashion jewellery, accessories and makeup products are easily found in various price points and can be adjusted within the remaining budget.

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