Favourite – International Beauty Vloggers


I was in double minds about doing this post as I refer to these beauty vloggers (video bloggers) for my Beauty Roundup posts. I was skeptical that once part of the source is revealed you might not come back to the blog. But I realised that the beauty posts on AKI 1 a.m. are much more than just the vloggers. To compile a post I have to surf through numerous videos, follow hundreds of vloggers, keep updated with the happenings on YouTube and carefully select the videos that best reflect the post’s topic. Though the following are masters at what they do I have to refer to other vloggers on certain topics for more indepth information or a different makeup look.

The beauty sector has seen a rise in the number of vloggers and subscribers. I am not going into details about how the vlogging industry works and the statistics. You could read this article for further information. I would just like to warn you that certain vlogs (vlogger posts) or vloggers make paid videos promoting certain brands, they state that the views are their own but sometimes the praise just seems fake. While choosing a product based on vlogger review it’s best not to rely on just one review but check a few more before the final decision.

The following are 5 of my favourite international beauty vloggers on YouTube. I have used the ‘No Makeup’ makeup tutorials from each of them for the post.


Lisa is my top favorite with her extensive experience as a professional makeup artist for editorials, brands and celebrities. She is presently the Global Creative Director of Lancome makeup. Lisa”s book on the history of makeup ‘ Facepaint- The Story of Makeup’ is scheduled for release in October 2015.  Her tutorials are in-depth and replete with information. She has her hand set on the pulse of makeup trends, her’s was the first Youtube video with a thorough explanation of the now famous Korean beauty trend. Along with products and techniques used on herself, Lisa discusses options for various other skin tones and skin types. Though her videos are longer in length, she has a sense of composure that makes you want to see them. Also the application techniques used are easily achievable.

YouTube: Lisa Eldridge

Website: www.lisaeldridge.com

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