Favourite – International Beauty Vloggers


I was in double minds about doing this post as I refer to these beauty vloggers (video bloggers) for my Beauty Roundup posts. I was skeptical that once part of the source is revealed you might not come back to the blog. But I realised that the beauty posts on AKI 1 a.m. are much more than just the vloggers. To compile a post I have to surf through numerous videos, follow hundreds of vloggers, keep updated with the happenings on YouTube and carefully select the videos that best reflect the post’s topic. Though the following are masters at what they do I have to refer to other vloggers on certain topics for more indepth information or a different makeup look.

The beauty sector has seen a rise in the number of vloggers and subscribers. I am not going into details about how the vlogging industry works and the statistics. You could read this article for further information. I would just like to warn you that certain vlogs (vlogger posts) or vloggers make paid videos promoting certain brands, they state that the views are their own but sometimes the praise just seems fake. While choosing a product based on vlogger review it’s best not to rely on just one review but check a few more before the final decision.

The following are 5 of my favourite international beauty vloggers on YouTube. I have used the ‘No Makeup’ makeup tutorials from each of them for the post.


Lisa is my top favorite with her extensive experience as a professional makeup artist for editorials, brands and celebrities. She is presently the Global Creative Director of Lancome makeup. Lisa”s book on the history of makeup ‘ Facepaint- The Story of Makeup’ is scheduled for release in October 2015.  Her tutorials are in-depth and replete with information. She has her hand set on the pulse of makeup trends, her’s was the first Youtube video with a thorough explanation of the now famous Korean beauty trend. Along with products and techniques used on herself, Lisa discusses options for various other skin tones and skin types. Though her videos are longer in length, she has a sense of composure that makes you want to see them. Also the application techniques used are easily achievable.

YouTube: Lisa Eldridge


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Lip Colour


Lip colours are an easy way to upgrade your look from drab to made-an-effort look. Makeup fanatics claim that lip colours, lipsticks to lip glosses, take-up most of their makeup space. Lipsticks are one of the easiest makeup items to apply and most of us just dab it on without ever paying attention to the application method.While that works it’s a good idea to know a few tips and tricks, and the following lineup of videos and articles are just what you need for that extra finesse.

There are four broad categories of lip colour finishes- balms, stains, mattes and gloss. Tinted balm is a way to dabble in colour while conditioning you lips and an easy go-to for daily use. Stains are longer lasting formulas suited for girls who want to be smear free throughout the day. Matte lipsticks are easier to dabble with for experimenting and are trending right now, they are a bit drying though. Gloss finishes are easily achievable with clear or tinted lip glosses and are perfect for an added oomph.

An in-depth study of lip colouring could be a long list with various makeup looks (from Kylie Jenner inspired fuller lips to natural no-makeup looks)but I have created a list of the basics you need to know. I do beauty roundups on various looks (ex: New Years Eve Looks) which you can refer to further.


The first step for perfect lip colouring is to get soft smooth lips. In the video Cassandra discusses homemade scrubs (you could even use the Honey Lemon Scrub ) and their properties. You could replace chilli-pepper from Cassandra’s scrub for cinnamon powder. Though a slightly long video but totally worth a watch.


Renowned makeup artist Lisa Eldridge shows us how to use lip liners to even out the lip shape. She demonstrates the shaping with a natural shade lip liner and a red lip liner. For additional tips you could also watch this video. Lisa mainly discusses tips to get a fuller lip but if you have too full lips watch this video for tips to minimize their appearence.

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Contouring and Highlighting


Contouring and highlighting are makeup techniques which help give your face a more chiseled look. Depending on your skin type and face shape you can use various products and product placement methods to define and sculpt your features. Kim Kardashian has been credited in recent times to have brought these methods to the foreground with her constant contoured and highlighted makeup looks. Though the forecast for 2015 is a more subtle contoured look as seen in spring-summer shows of Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang and a few others.

2015 beauty trend

Courtesy: Cosmopolitan

Most girls I know aren’t really aware of contouring and highlighting methods. I would urge you to TRY this makeup route. It brings a definite suave to the face when done right and you could always play it up for a more dramatic evening look. The following are the top few videos that cover the basics of contouring and highlighting along with variations in looks.


Makeup artist Wayne Goss shows us the technique to find our cheekbone and explains the placement of the blush and the highlighter. The fish mouth is the most common method used to find the cheekbone but personally I find Wayne’s method to be better. According to this article applying your blush too low on the face can age your appearance and that’s what the fish mouth method did for my appearance but since I have been using Wayne’s method it is easier and more precise to apply the contouring products.

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New Years Eve Makeup


This post is slightly late but you still have a few hours to decide on your new years eve look. 😉

The entire world seems to go crazy around this time of the year with dinner plans, party plans or next day brunch plans. I am going to be referencing 5 different looks according to outfits and you can always customize the colours and styling to suit your mood.



An all metallic ensemble, like this silver plise maxi dress, is refined style for your semi-formal evening shindings. Dress it up with style winged eyeliner and coral lips. Teni in the video shows a bronze winged eyeliner, but for a silver outfit you could use a gunmetal grey.


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Beauty Roundup – Eye Shadow


Lately I have been experimenting with makeup, especially eye makeup. The easiest way to change your look is to play with the eyes. In my last beauty post I discussed gel eyeliners and today I will talk about eyes shadows. I will be sharing video links to help you learn the basics, the smokey eyes and a few experimental looks.

Below is a list of 7 must-see videos and a few additional ones for further reference are linked too. Enjoy!


This video by Smashbox cosmetics has by far been the most helpful in my search of finding out my eye shape. You can further see their videos on eye shadows for different eye shapes.


Sineady gists the entire basics of eye makeup. I have shared below more detailed videos on certain topics.

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10 Classic Gifts every Girl will Love


Finding a gift for a female friend or colleague can often be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t know what they are interested in. Luckily there are certain gifts that all women will appreciate. These are the classics, gift ideas you can come back to time and again.

Following is my handy guide of the go-to gifts. Stash away now to avoid any last-minute gift hunting.

Note: I have given three price range options for each category: (A) Under Rs.500 (B) Rs.500-Rs.1500 (C) Above Rs.1500.


1.Makeup sets: This is a favorite to give for birthdays and bridal showers. A makeup aficionado or a beginner, they will love it entirely.

(A) Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow: A sleek palette of eye shadows to create glamorous looks.
(B) Maybelline Instaglam Gift Box: A box of five makeup essentials to glam up.
(C) Anna Sui Eye Colour Palette: A luxurious collection of eye shadows to create alluring looks.


2.Makeup Cases: Every girl has one, every girl wants one. You can gift it individually or add your favorite nail polish or makeup tool to the mix.

(A) Forever 21 Bon Voyage Makeup Bag: A pretty polka dot case to carry in your daily bag.
(B)River Island Peach Small Makeup Bag: A classy pouch to carry your toiletries in style.
(C) River Island Black Case: A striking floral printed pouch to keep your cosmetics and toiletries.


3. Neckpieces: Get the girls these statement necklaces to make even a simple outfit of theirs look strong and feminine.

(A) Forever 21 Rhinestone Charm Necklace: A svelte necklace made of rhinestone charms.
(B) Forever New Lydia Necklace: Elegant and stylish necklace combining crystal diamantes and pearlised beads.
(C) Forever New Jasmine Floral Collar: A statement neckpiece featuring pearlised stone and enamel.

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