Elevate a Basic Kurta (DIY)


I needed a kurta for a family dinner I was attending but wanted to use something from my existing wardrobe at the same time. After a bit of brain storming, and with my experience in the industry, I came up with quiet a few design changes I could make to a basic black kurta I had. One of the ideas was adding embroidery and lace detailing to the kurta. I bought a piece of embroidered fabric, some lace (which I naturally dyed to match the embroidery colour) and used buttons I already had in my craft supplies. Below is a step-by-step guide to achieving the design.


Lace- 21″ (1.5″ extra from the collar measurement of the kurta)
Embroidery on net fabric (net colour same as kurta)
Sewing thread matching kurta colour
Sewing thread matching lace colour
T-pins/ pearl pins
Buttons (optional)
Seam ripper (optional)

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