3 Indian Sweets with a Twist


I wanted to try something new this year for Diwali (Indian festival of lights) and thought of trying my hands at Indian sweets. You might have guessed from my ‘No-Bake Desserts’ post that I love quick and easy recipes. Today’s post has recipes for three classic Indian sweets- kheer, gajar halwa and gulab jamun- that have been treated with a modern twist. Hope you enjoy cooking them as much as I did!


Chocolate Kheer

Recipe by Gopi Patel (click here).

I would like start by saying mine and Gopi’s dishes look quiet different because I used Hershey’s syrup instead of drinking chocolate as mentioned in the recipe. The chocolate kheer was the only dessert among the following three where I had to use help in understanding the preparation. Even though easy to follow you will have to keep a check at each step. The end result though is a yummy kheer, very different form the usual!

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