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Trousseau Makeup Essentials


One of my very close friend, who is getting married, is a total makeup newbie and must have previously just used a kajal and lip-gloss. She was apprehensive about her event makeup as well as items she would require for dressing up after her wedding. Considering there are many girls who aren’t very enthusiastic about makeup but want to try it, this post is a comprehensive list of the basics you require. There are many  basic-makeup articles on the web but I would like to focus on basic-trousseau makeup essentials for Indian brides.


  1. MOISTURIZER – This is a must for everyday wear. Choose a moisturizer depending your skin type, always read the label. During daytime apply the moisturizer first and then the sunscreen. You could also go in for separate day and night creams depending on your skin care requirements.
    Recommended: Neutrogena Oil-free Moisturizer for Combination Skinskin care trousseau makeup
  2. SUNSCREEN – A must when stepping out during the morning/afternoon. You could skip the sunscreen during indoor programs. Also skip the sunscreen if you are going to be photographed because it results in a white cast on your face during flash photography. Definitely apply moisturizer before sunscreen, especially for dry skin.
    Recommended: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Drytouch Sunblock
  3. LIP BALM – This is an essential for all seasons, even if we believe otherwise. Apply a lip balm a few minutes before applying any lip colour or use a tinted lip balm for a quick colour addition.
    Recommended: Forest Essentials Luscious Kokum and Honey Lip Balm

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Strobing, Baking & Buffing


Today I will be discussing 3 awesome face makeup techniques called strobing, baking/cooking and buffing. Most of you must have heard about strobing which is essentially a method of extra highlighting, it has been trending for a few months now. Baking is another technique which has been gathering popularity for a few weeks and is mainly a makeup setting technique. Buffing on the other hand is not so commonly talked about but the results are equally amazing.


Strobing is a technique of intense highlighting giving one’s face a dewy, shimmery and a more youthful glow. Even though it’s a highlighting technique it differs from the usual highlighting used for a contoured look because of the products used. You could check my post on contouring and highlighting for a detailed  makeup routine video using a lighter shade concealer for highlighting. In strobing the parts of the face that are highlighted are: top of the cheekbone, under the brow bone, above brow arch, bridge of the nose, inner corner of the eye, cupids bow and the chin.

There are two methods of strobing- you could either use a strobe cream under your foundation or only use highlighting products over the foundation. Strobing’s trending status is often attributed to MAC’s strobe cream and that’s where the first method comes from. The steps are: moisturizer→ primer→ strobe cream on highlighting areas→ foundation. I used the same steps with my Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter and stippled the foundation first on bare parts of the face and then on the highlighted areas. The results are quiet good especially if you need an internal glow without the excess products.

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