Beauty Roundup – Gel Eyeliner

A few weeks back a friend of mine suggested the Maybelline Eye Studio gel eyeliner. I had been using the roll on Maybelline Colossal  kajal since years, but thought of trying out a new product. I am still trying to get a good grip of of the gel liner applications, it comes with a lot of practice! So I thought of doing a post with the most helpful videos, and tips I learnt along the way.

Firstly, there are four basic types of eyeliners available, each have their own usage, stay-on power and purpose. They are: the kohl (crayon like consistency like in the Colossal kajal), the pencil eyeliner, the gel eyeliner and the liquid liner (this comes in either a bottle form with applicator or a pen form with felt tips for applying directly). The usage of each type depends on the look you want create and on personal preference. For more detailed differentiation read this article. In this post I will be doing a more detailed discussion on the gel eyeliner.

Secondly, the gel eyeliner does not stay put in the waterline. Thus for people like me who line their waterline regularly a kohl or pencil liner is a must. The gel eyeliner can be used on lash-lines to create various looks, from subtle everyday makeup to the more dramatic ones. I have used liquid liners before, but definitely found the gel eyeliner easier to use. The picture below marks the different areas of the eye, as used in makeup tutorials.

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Courtesy: Jenny Pulfer

The internet is an oasis of make-up tutorials and articles, I have done my best to come up with a concise list of the most useful tips and tricks on gel eyeliner application. Below is my list of 5 must-see videos.


Adriana shows the different brushes that can be used for a gel eyeliner along with some basic tips. Her tutorial is effective to create an everyday casual look with the gel eyeliner.

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