Gifts to Make – In 90 Minutes


The third post in the Father’s Day series is on 3 DIYs you can make in under ninety minutes each. There is a candy box for a sweet toothed dad like mine, a personal message framed photograph and a timeline card. These gifts require bare minimum skill level and very few supplies. I have used CorelDraw for print editing but you could use any graphic software you are comfortable with. Let’s get started!


candy box

Materials Required: 250 grams Candy + 1 Gift box + 10 Self adhesive clear plastic bags + 1 A4 sheet 180gsm + 1 Double sided thin tape + Scissors

Approx time: 90 minutes

Step 1: Buy a mix of different candies.

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Christmas Cheer


I am always excited about Christmas! The web is filled with Christmas celebration posts and I thought of doing one for us people who love the festival but don’t want to buy a Christmas tree for one day. Following are 4 Pinterest inspired tree ideas that you could easily DIY. I have been making a magazine tree since the past two years!


You could buy most of the materials at the online Itsy Bitsy store.



Materials required: 1 old magazine + 1 Christmas streamer (optional)

Approx. time: 10 minutes

Step 1: Start folding the magazine from the front cover. Take the right top corner and fold towards the binding of the magazine.

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Planner 2015


This is my first DIY post, and with the New Year coming I thought of doing a customized planner tutorial. Personally I have found it very difficult to get a planner/diary suited to individual needs and taste. But with this DIY anyone can tailor make their own planner.

IMAG0910 - Copy






  • Notebook with ring filing (You can select as per your requirement)

– Post-its (In various sizes and shapes)

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