Chalkboard Clipboard


Today’s DIY idea is the easiest craft I have done recently. In sync with this week’s Housewarming theme it is a must have for most kitchens- a chalkboard clipboard. You can note down anything between your grocery list to daily reminders of things-to-do. It makes for a great housewarming gift for young adults with packed schedules, they can even note a reminder to call their mom. You could design one with funky Hindi titles like the “किराने का सामान” (meaning grocery list) title or English basics “remember” or “to-do”.


Clipboards- 2
Chalkboard paint- 1 can
Acrylic paint black- 1 bottle
Paint brush
White marker (a broad felt tip preferable)


chalkboard paint clipboard 1
Paint the front of the clipboard with a coat of chalkboard paint. You could use either a flat brush or round brush.

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