3 Quick Party Snacks


I love quick recipes and easy to cook, bake and make food items. Today I am sharing three quick party snacks perfect for both brunch and drink parties. These are easy to whip up and takes less than 30 minutes each. You can work with the quantities and flavors based on your guest list. Lets get started!

Quick Brunch Snacks


Salad Shots with Quick Dip

Dip recipe by Trisha (click here).

These vegetable shooters make for a healthy party snack. You need are vegetables of your choice – I used cucumber, carrots and broccoli. You could add celery sticks, small tomatoes, asparagus, basil leaves and egg plant too. For the dip I used mayonnaise, Amul fresh cream and a few finely chopped onion pieces (instead of the onion mix show in the recipe). It tastes great and can be made in advance and refrigerated.

First pour the dip into the shot glasses. Next place the cut vegetables into the dip.



Flavored Popcorn - Easy to Make

Recipe for Chile Lime Popcorn by Andrea Kang (click here).
Recipe for Chocolate Popcorn by The Kitchn (click here).

Flavored popcorns are a fun addition to the party menu. The only down side is that they have to be made just minutes before consumption or they might get soggy. You could either serve them in large bowls or make custom popcorn holders. I have made 3 flavors- chile lime, chocolate and cheese popcorn. All three have been adapted to use ingredients readily available in Indian kitchens and use ready-to-cook ACT 2 salted popcorn.

For the chile lime popcorn use salt, pepper, lal mirch (cayenne), jeera powder (cumin) and lime juice. Mix all ingredients in one bowl. Next add this mixture to cooked popcorn and mix well covering most kernels with the lime mix. This was my favorite flavor.

For chocolate popcorn I melted some dark milk chocolate in the microwave and hand mixed it with the popcorn. This is a fun new flavor I tried- chocolate adds a sweet touch to the salted popcorn.

For the cheese popcorn I similarly melted some Amul cheese cubes and hand mixed it with the popcorn. You could also add oregano or garlic seasoning to suit your taste buds.

There are tons of popcorn flavor recipes online, but these three were the easiest and added a nice variety to the quick party snack menu.



Bread Platter with Quick Spreads

These are custom 2 minute bread spreads along with two bread options. I used the same heart cutter as ‘breakfast in bed’ post. First select a platter plate of your choice. Next select 2-3 bread options, I used milk bread and wheat rusk biscuits. Next offer 3-4 bread spreads, I selected basic butter, cream-cheese spread and flavored butter using oregano and garlic powder flavoring.

My biggest discovery in the entire process was the 2 ingredient – 2 minutes cream cheese spread. All I used was 3 tablespoon fresh cream (Amul) and 1 slice of cheese broken into tiny pieces(Amul again), and mixed these two finely to make the spread. Place all components in a neat form and serve. Quick, easy and filling!
These three dishes require no effort and looks fun and interesting when placed together. You could customize each recipe according to ingredients you have and stir them up in less than 30 minutes. Get the party started! 🙂