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This is my first DIY post, and with the New Year coming I thought of doing a customized planner tutorial. Personally I have found it very difficult to get a planner/diary suited to individual needs and taste. But with this DIY anyone can tailor make their own planner.

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  • Notebook with ring filing (You can select as per your requirement)

– Post-its (In various sizes and shapes)

– Heavy weight paper for cover (The paper should be in the size of your notebook or bigger)

– Quote sheets (I edited a few of my favourite quotes from Pinterest and printed them on a A3 sheet)

– Paper various (The size and quality depends on your need)

– Envelopes various (Plastic and/or paper envelopes)

– Scissors

– Hole puncher

– Fevistik


1. Get a notebook/diary. I have used a A5, 70gsm paper, five subject notebook with wiro binding. First you need to open the binding to remove the old cover and unwanted pages, for this go to the end of the notebook and separate the wire with hands, creating a gap broad enough to easily move papers through it.


Step 1

 2. Make the cover. Take the paper you want to use for the cover. I have used a 180gsm pearl glaze A4 size paper. Use the old cover from the notebook as a stencil and draw the outlines and the holes onto the cover paper. You can use a printed paper or transparent sheet too. After cutting it in size and punching the holes, put it through the wiro. Keep in mind the sequence of the front and back covers. You can embellish the covers with stickers, print outs or scrapbook elements.


Step 2

3. Add quotes/bookmarks. Now take your quotes pages and cut it to shape and size. Again use the old cover of the notebook as stencil and mark the holes. The gapping between the holes is very important. Sometimes the last hole cuts through the bottom edge of the sheet, try and avoid that as it looks untidy. The extra step for the quotes page hole punching is the horizontal line from the holes to the binding edge of the sheet. This extra cut makes the sheet movable. You can thus use these pages as bookmarks too. To download the quotes page click here.


Step 3

4. Add calendar and post-it dashboard. The 2015 calendar I had made in corel-draw software was also printed with the quotes.The five subject notebook had come with four plastic page dividers, I used one of them for the dashboard. I used the same cut-punch-slash method for the calendar and the post-it dashboard.


Step 4

5. Add custom elements. For the weekly bookmark I used the plastic divider that came with the notebook, gold embossed alphabets and bunches of post-its. I plan to move the weekly bookmark as the weeks progress while writing down my main task for the day on the post-it. At the end of the notebook I have used a CD pocket to keep extra stickers and alphabets. I have also added grey and orange bookmarks made form the various papers I had. The quotes, the bookmarks, the post-it sheets- are all transferable.


Step 5

6. Write. Usually the available market planners have a fixed time frame,but since the pages are blank you can customize yours. I started the first day of the year with a happy post-it, smiley sticker and my customized timeline.

IMAG0923_BURST003 - Copy

Step 6



In the second customized planner I used a B5 transparent PP cover binder. I made the post-it dashboard on a transparent OHP sheet and added a plastic pocket on the front of the planner. I also added movable paper envelop, quote page and various other bookmarks.


Options (Planner 2)


Experiment! Customize! Have fun! 🙂

P.S– I am currently using my cell camera (13mp) and hence the average picture quality. Kindly pardon this presently. Soon I shall invest in a good quality camera. Thank you.  😀