Goal Setting for 2016 (Free Printable)

Happy New Year

A new year is a chance for a better you– that’s what I believe in. You could make changes anytime of the year but I think important dates like new year and birthdays help set a clearer timeline. As you might have already guessed – today’s post is on a personal note, but I have also included free yearly and monthly goal setting printable for you!

Some of you might argue the following list of my personal goals for 2016 is more of a resolution list, and you would not be wrong. But I find calling them goals motivates me further since ‘goals’ are more result oriented. In comparison ‘resolutions’ are just decisions that most of us end up breaking, at least I don’t find it impelling enough to stay persistent. Anyways, whatever you may want to call it, I feel even more answerable for achieving them since it is posted on the blog now!

Shatakshi K -Goals for 2016

The list is a mix of health related, passion related, fun things and personal changes. I will dive a bit into each resolution to tell you where it comes from and what I want to achieve. This way you could help me through the changes and I am open to all suggestions and ideas. 🙂

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Let’s Chat !


As I complete almost a year of blogging I would love to have your feedback on the blog! The reader survey is an opportunity for me to learn more about what you like and don’t like about the blog, as well as what you hope to see in the future. With a new year approaching I am already brainstorming ideas for blog posts and further additions to my repertoire of services offered. I’d like to get your opinion so that I can focus on making AKI 1 a.m. a space that both you and I are happy with and want to return to.

I would appreciate it if you could take a few moments and complete this short survey. Thank you in advance for filling out the survey and for all your support!

Hope you have a great new year ahead.



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Amrapali – Online Shopping Review


Amrapali is my favorite Indian jewellery brand! I was super excited when Kolkata saw it’s first Amrapali showroom around 2011. Every few months I keep adding to my Amrapali earrings collection and this time I thought of trying their online shopping services.

Tribebyamrapali.com debuted in 2013 with their first online-exclusive collection along with their regular collections. Most people would be skeptical about buying jewellery online, especially silver and gold, but with over 35 years of existence Amrapali is a brand you can trust. And I can say that with a lot more conviction since my latest purchase.

About the brand :- Amrapali is a globally renowned, respected and coveted luxury jewellery brand based out of Jaipur. Their collections personify the heritage of India with a modern eclectic twist. The brand is renowned for it’s signature craftsmanship rooted in ancient aesthetics with modern interpretation of the same. You could read more about it here.

amrapaliEarrings from Chandrika Collection | Earrings from Online Exclusive Collection

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10 Things I Loved this Month


It’s the end of the month and I though of sharing a few articles, items and designs I have been loving this August.

1. BoF Education


The London based publication Business of Fashion has launched a new section of its site, BoF Education. In addition to a Forbes-like ranking of fashion schools and new pieces of writing examining the state of fashion education, the section also includes free fashion “courses”.
Source: www.fashionista.com

Link: www.businessoffashion.com/education

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