3 No-Bake Desserts for Rakhi


I would like to start by saying I am not fond of cooking and the only item I can make decently is a sponge cake. But for over a year I have tried my hands at some desserts-in-jar and other easy dessert recipes. I tweak them to suit my taste buds and usually go for recipes with less number of ingredients.

Among today’s three recipes- one is an all time favorite of my brother’s (Choclate Biscuit Pudding), one is my favorite (Banoffee Pudding) and the third I tried for the first time ( Caramel Apple Trifles). Along with links to the original recipes I am including a few amateur cooking tips from my personal experience with each dessert.

Note: All desserts are eggless.



easy choclate biscuit pudding

Recipe by Priya Ranjit (click here).

The best part of the recipe are the easily available ingredients. I have made the biscuit pudding a couple of times including variations with condensed milk and fruits, chocolate syrup and nuts and additional toppings to the original recipe.

Once you read through the recipe it is easy to follow and there are just three points you should keep in mind:
– It takes time to crush the biscuits but do it with hands anyways, if you use the mixer for crushing you will be left with a powdery texture instead of the crunchy crumbles.
Vanilla extract addition has been mentioned in both biscuit crumble and chocolate sauce, add 1 1/2 tsp to each. When I had first made it, I mistakenly added the entire vanilla extract only in the biscuit crumble and was left with a bitter tasting chocolate sauce.
– Use a non-stick pan for cooking the chocolate sauce.

Even if you have a few lumps in the chocolate sauce it does not affect the taste in anyway. The pudding can easily be made on the morning of the festivities, as it tastes best after a few hours of refrigeration.



banoffee pudding

Recipe by Jennifer (here) and Tarla Dalal (here).

I have cooked both recipes separately and also as a mix with each other. Today I will be discussing a mix of both recipes for a quicker dessert. For this dessert I made Tarla Dalal’s one ingredient toffee base + Jennifer’s banana preparation + Jennifer’s chocolate mixture.

Some tips for Banoffee pie pudding:
– 1 can of condensed milk is just enough for six cups of Banoffee pie.
– I used 4 ripe bananas instead of three as mentioned in the recipe. If you plan to use 3 bananas reduce the amount of butter to 1 1/2 tbs. I cooked each batch for 5-7 minutes to get the softness.
– Use a non-stick pan for the chocolate mixture. I ended up burning the mixture so bad that it tasted like peanuts instead of chocolate. Had to re-do the entire mixture.
– It took me a total of 1.5 hours– using two burners simultaneously. One for the condensed milk toffee and other for the bananas and chocolate mixture after that.



apple trifle cinnamon

Recipe by Lindsay (click here).

If you love the smell and taste of Cinnamon this dessert is for you! The cooking process is an aromatic experience in itself. 😉  The only difference from the original recipe was the use of crushed biscuits (from the chocolate biscuit pudding) instead of granola. This was a total experimental cook for me, neither am I fond of cinnamon, nutmeg nor granola. But ended up liking the customized version.

A few steps you should keep in mind instead of following the recipe word to word:
Depending on the size and number of the apples add cinnamon. I had already added the 2 tsp cinnamon and felt it was a bit much so I sliced up 4 apples and this gave me enough for two layers in 5 glasses. Next time I would go with even less cinnamon , 1 tsp for 4 apples is enough for people like me who are not too fond of cinnamon. I cut mine in slices.
– Watch the sugar well, it burns easily. Even though mine did burn up the overall taste was balanced by using the vanilla flavored biscuit crumble. Next time I would definitely not let the caramel sauce turn brown.
– I took the shortcut and just whisked the cream, powdered sugar and a pinch of cinnamon together in a normal bowl instead of the entire freezing process.
– You can experiment with the layering.

All three recipes are quiet different from each other. Try all three or select between chocolate, banana and cinnamon flavors. 😀

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