New Site Launch

Hello !

I am so excited to present to you the all refreshed AKI 1 a.m. A self-hosted website (check the url) with weeks of coding (yes I finally learnt parts of it) and a brand new design!

The DNA of the blog is the same yet more focused. AKI 1 a.m. is about style inspirations, crafty adventures and gifting joys. I will be concentrating my skills, and experience, on Indian ethnic styles and a lot more DIY projects. Have a look at the ‘Archives‘ page for all my present and past posts.

Over the past few months I learnt that blogging is time consuming and a lot of hard work. So if you see a post you like, an idea you enjoy or you learn something new- leave a COMMENT! It really makes a difference to that blogger, not just me.

If you would like to help me grow do subscribe for regular updates, subscription form is in the sidebar. You could also show your support by sharing posts and images on social sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter or use #akioneam on Instagram.

I have explained the blog design below, especially for all non-blogger friends of mine. The website is responsive- will change page format according to mediums like the cell phone. Just browse through and you will find everything easily.

Do remember to check out the links in posts that appear in brown , most links will open in new tabs automatically. I try and link product purchase options and additional details within the posts itself. You could also click on the pictures for bigger sized images.

blog design 1

blog design 2

blog design 3

The blog has four main sections:

Menu: You will find blog categories, services, archives, about and contact links in the sticky menu.

Posts: The main page has excerpts of the most recent posts and continues into following pages. Individual post pages contain single posts, along with related posts and comment sections. You will find social sharing buttons at the end of each in post on all pages. Remember, sharing is caring. 🙂

Sidebar: A lot happens in the right column called the sidebar. Starts with an introduction and ends with the Archives button. The subscription form, social profile links, recommended posts, search bar and Instagram gallery are part of the sidebar.

Footer: Last section at the end of the blog has the Facebook and Pinterest profiles along with links to top posts.

I think I’ve got most things working properly, and if you notice any issues or errors please let me know via a comment here. I’l try and fix things as soon as I can.

Hope you like my blog and thank you for stopping by! 🙂