A-line Cape (with lining) – Design Your Own


In the post on A-line Cape Designing I had discussed the steps to making a cape pattern and stitching an unlined cape. In today’s post I am outlining the steps to stitching a cape with a lining.

The choice of having a lining or not is dependent on your fabric of choice. You will require a lining in the following scenarios:
– if the fabric’s back side is not pretty enough to be exposed
– the backside of an embroidered fabric hurts the skin
– the fabric is too thin to stand on it’s own
– the fabric is thin and the garment below is visible
– if you want the lining as an added design feature.


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A-Line Cape – Design Your Own


Today is my first Indian ethnic-wear DIY post. The idea of this came along when I was looking for a jacket or something to layer with a brown floor length kali dress. I could not find something I liked completely and most of the embroidered pieces available were priced above Rs.7000. I would probably wear this layer just once or twice and was not willing to spend so much on it. That’s when the DIY bug bit me again.

Some of you might think that it’s easy for me to make one since I have studied fashion designing and you won’t be able to make one. But that’s not true, I have made the tutorial easy enough for anyone to understand. If you have basic stitching knowledge you could make one yourself or you could even instruct your tailor on how to make it. The tutorial includes pattern instructions, design details, finishing touches and additional tips.

capes in trend

I finally picked the in-trend Cape for my top layer design. The cape as we know it in Indian fashion was brought into the limelight by Anamika Khanna in the year 2012. Since then Anamika has designed variations of the silhouette in all her collections. In 2015 other notable designers like Samant Chauhan, Payal Singhal and Riddhima Bhasin have incorporated the cape in their ethnic wear collections. You will also see the influence of cape in western-wear collections by Rohit Gandhi+Rahul Khanna, Amit Aggarwal and Huemn among others. The cape is a versatile clothing piece that can be styled easily with both ethnic and western wear.

The cape design I chose is based on a design by Anamika Khanna (click here for the picture). Please do not assume I am promoting copying of original designer pieces. I am against stealing someone’s design creations. I have just taken inspiration from the in-trend silhouette and modified it to suit my design sensibilities. Also, it is impossible for anyone to achieve the finishing and skill level of a designer house.

I am making two cape tutorials: one without a lining and one with a lining. Depending on your fabric and the look you want you could follow either. I will further explain the particularities in choice in individual tutorials. I did a mini-shoot styling the capes with six different ensembles.


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Flower Arrangements at Home (Part-2)


In my last post I discussed homemade floral arrangements using carnations and daisies and in today’s post I’l showcase floral arrangements you can make out of orchid flowers. On my birthday along with the wooden flower arrangement I also received a hand bunch of purple orchids, white orchids and springeri branches.

Original bunch in vase

Glass jar rafia bow

The first and my favorite is the glass jar with rafia bow arrangement. This Yera brand jar is the Indian equivalent to Mason jars, in local markets you get it as pickle storing jars. For this arrangement I have used six purple orchids, a glass jar, magenta rafia and a while doily. First measure out the rafia and tie it into a bow. Next fill the jar with water and using the twist technique place the orchid stems. Place this jar on the doily. A simple and pretty floral arrangement fit for the dining table and a coffee table.

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Flower Arrangements at Home


A few days back I was gifted a chic floral arrangement for my birthday and as with most bouquets some of the flowers started wilting by the second day. I did not want to throw the still pretty flowers, did some research and came up with a few options to rearrange the fresher flowers into my own homemade floral arrangements. These are great ideas for mini floral arrangements for around the house or even smaller events with fresh flowers.

The arrangements shown below have been recreated with the same bunch of flowers, finally I displayed the square glass container arrangement and the daisies in bowl arrangement. I had seven purple carnations and twelve white daisies along with a few baby’s breath fillers, mint like leaves and xanadu leaves.

Drinking glass

I have used a 5 inch tall clear drinking glass for the first arrangement. This is a white and green classy looking floral setup for which two xanadu leaves, all the daisies and a few baby’s breath has been used. I eventually had to use some of the torn daisies from the rubbish pile to fill in the gaps on the outer circle. You could place this arrangement at the dining table or a side table for a touch of calmness.

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Last Minute Idea for Father’s Day


In the last post in the Father’s Day series is a last minute idea for all those busy children who forgot to buy their dad a gift. If you are crafty you could also check out my last post on DIY gifts which take less than an hour and half. Today’s idea is one I recently used on my dad’s birthday. Me and my brother went on a last minute gift search but couldn’t find any so we ended up surprising our tea lover dad with Bed Tea, more like a breakfast in bed. You could check a snap of that on my instagram here. Let’s get started!


For the Sandwich: 5 slices of bread+1 cucumber+1 cube cheese+Butter+Salt and Pepper for taste

For the Fruit Plate: 2 apples+2 mangoes

For the Fruit Jelly: 6 jelly pieces ( I used the Cup Jelly)+3 pc plums+5 black grapes+11 pc cherries

For the Tea: Tea leaves+Sugar+Milk+Water

For the set-up: 1 big tray+2 side plates+1 big bowl+1 tea-cup+1 napkin+1 spoon+1 fork+1 tissue+1 card (optional)

ToolsHeart Cutter set ( you could use any shape cutter)+Knife+Vegetable peeler+Chopping board+Extra plates/trays for preparation

The presentation is very important for this idea. Keeping in mind the seasonal mangoes and apples I have used a colour theme of yellow and white. I have used a yellow tray, glass plates, glass bowl, glass cup and a white paper doilie. I would advise you to use heart shape cutters because it’s the symbol of affection, even though you could leave the items bare too.


heart sandwhich

Step 1: Using a bigger sized heart, I used the third size in the set, cut into the breads individually. Most pieces tear off on their own, or you could use a knife to scrape the sides.

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Gifts to Make – In 90 Minutes


The third post in the Father’s Day series is on 3 DIYs you can make in under ninety minutes each. There is a candy box for a sweet toothed dad like mine, a personal message framed photograph and a timeline card. These gifts require bare minimum skill level and very few supplies. I have used CorelDraw for print editing but you could use any graphic software you are comfortable with. Let’s get started!


candy box

Materials Required: 250 grams Candy + 1 Gift box + 10 Self adhesive clear plastic bags + 1 A4 sheet 180gsm + 1 Double sided thin tape + Scissors

Approx time: 90 minutes

Step 1: Buy a mix of different candies.

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