3 No-Bake Desserts for Rakhi


I would like to start by saying I am not fond of cooking and the only item I can make decently is a sponge cake. But for over a year I have tried my hands at some desserts-in-jar and other easy dessert recipes. I tweak them to suit my taste buds and usually go for recipes with less number of ingredients.

Among today’s three recipes- one is an all time favorite of my brother’s (Choclate Biscuit Pudding), one is my favorite (Banoffee Pudding) and the third I tried for the first time ( Caramel Apple Trifles). Along with links to the original recipes I am including a few amateur cooking tips from my personal experience with each dessert.

Note: All desserts are eggless.



easy choclate biscuit pudding

Recipe by Priya Ranjit (click here).

The best part of the recipe are the easily available ingredients. I have made the biscuit pudding a couple of times including variations with condensed milk and fruits, chocolate syrup and nuts and additional toppings to the original recipe.

Once you read through the recipe it is easy to follow and there are just three points you should keep in mind:
– It takes time to crush the biscuits but do it with hands anyways, if you use the mixer for crushing you will be left with a powdery texture instead of the crunchy crumbles.
Vanilla extract addition has been mentioned in both biscuit crumble and chocolate sauce, add 1 1/2 tsp to each. When I had first made it, I mistakenly added the entire vanilla extract only in the biscuit crumble and was left with a bitter tasting chocolate sauce.
– Use a non-stick pan for cooking the chocolate sauce.

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Embroidered Belt


Today I will be showing you how to design and make your own  embroidered belt. It’s easy to make and requires almost no investment of time and money. Like I discussed in my first ethnicwear DIY post, even if you have only basic sewing knowledge or a tailor at your disposal these are easy to make. The design can be comfortably customized to suit your ensemble needs. The versatility of an embroidered belt is evident in the styling shoot, as shown below.


Embroidered border- 31 inches (your waist measurement+1.5 inches)
Lining fabric- approx 20 cm (including fabric for tie-ups)
Sewing thread matching the lining fabric- 1 piece

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Chalkboard Clipboard


Today’s DIY idea is the easiest craft I have done recently. In sync with this week’s Housewarming theme it is a must have for most kitchens- a chalkboard clipboard. You can note down anything between your grocery list to daily reminders of things-to-do. It makes for a great housewarming gift for young adults with packed schedules, they can even note a reminder to call their mom. You could design one with funky Hindi titles like the “किराने का सामान” (meaning grocery list) title or English basics “remember” or “to-do”.


Clipboards- 2
Chalkboard paint- 1 can
Acrylic paint black- 1 bottle
Paint brush
White marker (a broad felt tip preferable)


chalkboard paint clipboard 1
Paint the front of the clipboard with a coat of chalkboard paint. You could use either a flat brush or round brush.

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Creative Housewarming Gift Baskets


Gift baskets give you a chance to get creative, breaking away from the usual store bought items. As much as we might love an expensive bottle of wine or a set of fancy glassware- a set of thoughtful items have a charm of their own. Following are three convenient yet stylish personalized gift baskets with individual tag messages.


guest bathroom basket

Pretty and practical- a basket of guest bathroom necessities. A few simple items to deck up a basic builder grade bath area. A potted plant, scented hand soap, a couple of hand towels and a chalkboard for the wall. Along with the useful cane basket add a matching message tag.

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Fabric Storage Baskets


It is convenient, practical and a need in every organized household- a storage basket. Today’s post is an easy tutorial on making a storage basket , make one for personal use or as a gift. The options to customize are limitless- from shapes, sizes to material choices. Let’s get started!


Main fabric/ shell fabric- 1 meter
Lining fabric- 1 meter
Sewing thread matching lining fabric- 1 piece
Interfacing (optional/ required if your shell fabric is thin)


Circular object (I used a food plate of 12.5″ diameter and 38″ circumference)
Sewing machine
Measuring tape
Measuring scale/ ruler
Fabric pen/ white pencil
Pearl pins/ t-pins


fabric basket diy 1

Step 1:-
Trace out the circle using the plate and add 1/2″ seam allowance all around. Next measure out the circumference of the plate (mine was 38″). Using this measurement as the length of the rectangle and your desired basket height (mine was 14″) as the width draw a rectangle. Add 1/2″ seam allowance all around. I added the seam in the rectangle drawing it self, this gave me a 39″ x 15″ rectangle. Check this picture to see how I lay both the basket pieces on the fabric.

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Quick Personalized Stationery


Pinterest is full of DIY hacks and I decided try out a few of them. Following are 12 quick upgrades to basic stationery items. Hope you like my personal twist to these everyday items. I am glad I did them, my work desk looks much prettier and organized now. 🙂


stationery quick 1

Materials: 2 piece 3″ Wooden pegs + Washi tape + Multi purpose glue (Fevicol all-fix)
How-to: First cover one side of each peg with washi tape. Next facing the clips in opposite directions, with the washi side out on each peg, stick them together using glue. Now placing the earphones in one mouth loop the cord around the rear ends and fix in place in the opposite mouth.

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