Printable Gift Boxes – Heart Pattern

We are already into Valentine’s Week and these printable gift boxes are perfect to show your love for the special one.

The final size of each printable gift box, after assembling, is 3 inch x 3 inch x 3 inch (length x breadth x height) so they easily fit all small size tokens of love. Depending on which day of the Valentine week it is pick your gift. A ‘will you be my valentine’ banner for propose day. Heart shaped chocolates for chocolate day, the gift box fits 6 pieces of one-and-half-inch heart shaped chocolates. A small teddy for teddy day. Printable love coupons for promise day- includes rubs, hugs and kisses. You could make a felt heart with scented filling for hug day, the scent acts a s a constant reminder of your togetherness. A handkerchief with your lipstick marked kiss for kiss day. On valentine’s day you could include the printable card along with a riddle to the finale gift or if it is a smaller sized gift wrap it in the gift box and voila!

easy diy gift wrap box

gift box 3 inch

The steps are very easy. The printable gift box are available in 8 color options (you receive when you sign-up at the end of the post) and 2 paper size options. You could either get each box printed on a single A3 (11.7 inch x 16.5 inch) sheet of paper or if you go for A4 size paper- each box is divided into two parts and the consecutive pages need to be printed to complete a single box.

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Goal Setting for 2016 (Free Printable)

Happy New Year

A new year is a chance for a better you– that’s what I believe in. You could make changes anytime of the year but I think important dates like new year and birthdays help set a clearer timeline. As you might have already guessed – today’s post is on a personal note, but I have also included free yearly and monthly goal setting printable for you!

Some of you might argue the following list of my personal goals for 2016 is more of a resolution list, and you would not be wrong. But I find calling them goals motivates me further since ‘goals’ are more result oriented. In comparison ‘resolutions’ are just decisions that most of us end up breaking, at least I don’t find it impelling enough to stay persistent. Anyways, whatever you may want to call it, I feel even more answerable for achieving them since it is posted on the blog now!

Shatakshi K -Goals for 2016

The list is a mix of health related, passion related, fun things and personal changes. I will dive a bit into each resolution to tell you where it comes from and what I want to achieve. This way you could help me through the changes and I am open to all suggestions and ideas. 🙂

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Creative Brunch Ideas


The idea for this post occurred when my friends and I were planning to do something casual yet different for the festive season. Going out for brunches is common, but what if you host a themed brunch. All you require is a theme idea and some common supplies. I went with ‘wilderness boho’ as my theme and planned the decor and table setting accordingly. The 3 DIYs in today’s post are a breeze to make!

Brunch DIY Holiday


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9 Wine Gift Wrap Ideas – In 15 Minutes

A bottle of wine is a common gift choice, especially as a last minute resort. With festive season in full swing it is the perfect time to show you 9 different and quick wine gift wrap ideas. You might own most of the materials used, if not they are very easy to find in local craft stores. Have bubbly fun!

I have used a grape juice bottle for representative purposes here, you can apply the same packing techniques to wine bottles, champagne bottles or any bottled gifts.

Gift Wrap with Tissue and Tag

Style 1

  • You need a fancy tissue, a gift tag and a strip of matching ribbon.
  • Measure the napkin to size and fold any excess towards the bottle. Using a few glue-dots or flat double sided tape secure the vertical overlapping side into place.
  • Next tie the ribbon with the gift tag on the neck of the bottle. Done.

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Dupatta Design – Cape Style


Today’s DIY is an easy dupatta design in the trending cape style, inspired by the likes of Tarun Tahiliani and Pratyusha Garimella. I converted a basic off-white hand-loom dupatta into a edge dye (natural dyeing) dupatta cape with placement embroidery.

You could use net dupatta with ready embroidery, printed Georgette dupatta, multi-colored silk dupatta or any fabric of 2.5 mtr of your choice. I will be showing a step-by-step tutorial of the dupatta cape – from neckline shaping, embroidery attaching to edge dyeing. In case you do not want to add embroidery or dye your dupatta fabric, just follow steps 1 to 4.

Dupatta Embroidered Cape Style


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