10 Things I Loved this Month


It’s the end of the month and I though of sharing a few articles, items and designs I have been loving this November.

1. Thirty-five Things to do Instead of Spending Money

Things to Do Instead of Spending Money Article

This article is an exhaustive list of things you could do without spending much. I have already done 11 this month! 😀

Link: www.mindbodygreen.com/article

2. Garance Dore

Garance Dore Website

Garance Dore’s website has been in the bookmarks since fashion school, but only recently did I re-discover her writing. There is an ease in her short articles. Her interview with people in the creative fields is as memorable as her classic minimalist wardrobe.

Link: www.garancedore.fr

3. Vintage India on Tumblr

Vintage India Tumblr

Vintage India on Tumblr is a treasure trove of styling inspirations from the past. I have been able to find some amazing saree drape styles, outfit pairings, accessory layering and hair-dos through it’s archives. If you love fashion definitely check their pages for an insight into the opulent past.

Link: www.vintageindia.tumblr.com

4. Trying New Iced Drinks

Coffe Bean Tea Leaf, Kolkata

I have usually stuck to my regular order of a Mocha, but this month I challenged myself to try new flavors at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlets. Each time, approximately five this month, I ordered a new flavor and am going to continue it into December too. Cheers to trying the new. 

Link: www.zomato.com/cbtl

5. Grey’s Anatomy / Season 12

Grey's Anatomy Season 12

Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favorite running shows and it’s return means a wait each week for the new episode. The best aspect of the show is Shonda Rhimes’ detailing of each character, they are twisted and real. Once a Grey’s fan, always a Grey’s fan.

Link: www.imdb.com/greysanatomy

6. Fevicol All Fix

Fevicol All Fix

The Fevicol All Fix is my new favorite adhesive! All crafters will understand my passion for adhesives and other crafting tools. This glue is like a user-friendly version of Fevi Kwik, dries a few seconds slower thereby giving you enough time to clean away excess. I have been using this a lot recently for everything from paper crafts to leather projects.

Link: www.pidilite.com/allfix

7. Vitasta Clutch Cases

Mustard Vitasta Wallets

I have been into clutches this whole month (read point 10 to know more). A nappa leather clutch in this shade of mustard- couldn’t like it any less. The two sizes are perfect for travel and a night around town too.

Link: www.indelust.com/travel-pouch

8. Barbie’s Video – Imagine the Possibilities

Barbie Video Possibilities

I remember as kids most of us would either write teacher or doctor as our dream profession, I wish barbie had made this video earlier. 🙂 It outlines the various career choices a girl has – being a professor, a veterinarian, a football coach, a business woman and a museum guide among others.

Link: www.youtube.com/barbie

9. Sanjay Garg’s Collection for Bungalow 8

Sanjay Garg

Sanjay Garg has been a favorite since the launch of his eponymous label. His handwoven garments are a delight for their colors, patterns, silhouettes and finishing. The designer recently launched a collection in collaboration with Bungalow 8 and it embodies all that Sanjay Garg stands for.

Link: www.facebook.com/bungalow8

10. DIY Session at Storendipity 

AKI 1 a.m. at Storendipity

Last but not the least is a personal feat! I was a part of Strendipity 2.0, a pop-up shopping and lifestyle experience organised by Store Untold. The event had a few Kolkata bloggers host sessions on topics ranging from minimalism to makeup, and mine was a session on DIY. I am stoked about the response to the clutches I DIYed ! Also, being afraid of public speaking it was a big deal for me to actually present it. 😉

Link: www.facebook.com/akioneam

Let me know what have you been loving this month! 🙂