Lip Colour


Lip colours are an easy way to upgrade your look from drab to made-an-effort look. Makeup fanatics claim that lip colours, lipsticks to lip glosses, take-up most of their makeup space. Lipsticks are one of the easiest makeup items to apply and most of us just dab it on without ever paying attention to the application method.While that works it’s a good idea to know a few tips and tricks, and the following lineup of videos and articles are just what you need for that extra finesse.

There are four broad categories of lip colour finishes- balms, stains, mattes and gloss. Tinted balm is a way to dabble in colour while conditioning you lips and an easy go-to for daily use. Stains are longer lasting formulas suited for girls who want to be smear free throughout the day. Matte lipsticks are easier to dabble with for experimenting and are trending right now, they are a bit drying though. Gloss finishes are easily achievable with clear or tinted lip glosses and are perfect for an added oomph.

An in-depth study of lip colouring could be a long list with various makeup looks (from Kylie Jenner inspired fuller lips to natural no-makeup looks)but I have created a list of the basics you need to know. I do beauty roundups on various looks (ex: New Years Eve Looks) which you can refer to further.


The first step for perfect lip colouring is to get soft smooth lips. In the video Cassandra discusses homemade scrubs (you could even use the Honey Lemon Scrub ) and their properties. You could replace chilli-pepper from Cassandra’s scrub for cinnamon powder. Though a slightly long video but totally worth a watch.


Renowned makeup artist Lisa Eldridge shows us how to use lip liners to even out the lip shape. She demonstrates the shaping with a natural shade lip liner and a red lip liner. For additional tips you could also watch this video. Lisa mainly discusses tips to get a fuller lip but if you have too full lips watch this video for tips to minimize their appearence.


Lisa discusses how a bold coloured lipstick can be used in multiple ways, from a lip stain to a glossy look. I love the idea of multi-purpose products. On days when you want to carry a light bag but need to amp up your make-up later use your lipstick as a blush and trust me it works really well.


Mehak of Peaches and Blush talks about lipstick colours suitable for Indian skin tones along with some of her favourite buys. I have been following her blog for a long time and trust her advice when it comes to makeup products. If you plan to buy a red lip colour check this video by Michelle Phan to know you skin’s undertone and the red that will suit it best. Monica’s swatching of the new L’Oreal Paris Collection Star red lipsticks is also good, watch the video.


Dominique shows us the right technique to mix lip colours. A lot of us layer two lipstick shades over each other to get a third shade but most often it wears out quick, by using the technique showed in the video you can make a long lasting lip shade. Make use of all those lip colours you bought but don’t like anymore.


1. Take care of you lips. A lot of us have a tendency to bite our lips or pull at the dry flakes but prevent your lips from further damage. Recently I was helping a friend with her makeup and the lipstick slided so smoothly on her lips I asked her the secret behind it and it’s what our grandmothers have been advising for long probably- Boroline, every night before sleep. You could even apply Vaseline every night.

2. Use a lip scrub every 7-10 days, the scrub helps improve our lips further. You could even use a toothbrush for exfoliation but keep in mind it might hurt the area around your lips and is not suitable for sensitive skin. Watch this video for a demonstration.

3. A lip liner is a must for long wear lipstick application and for a more polished look. Read further about the benefits of lip liners here.

4. For starters purchase a lip liner in a natural shade suited to your lips. Watch this video to find your natural shade of lip liner. Once you are comfortable with the application purchase lip liners matching your stark lipstick colours, like red and plum.

5. The method to stain proof your lipstick using loose powder and tissue has been quiet hyped over the last year and though I haven’t found it to be entirely true it’s a good way to mattify your lip colour. Check this video for a step-to-step demonstration.

6. Once you have applied your lipstick and/or gloss finish your look by applying concealer around the lips for a more defined and finished look. Watch Tina Young explain the steps in this video.

7. Do not buy lip colours online based on the colour swatches shown. It’s best to either buy lips colours in a physical store after swatching it or swatch it in a store and take the colour name for online purchase. I have purchased lip colours online based on bloggers pictures but I learnt that the colours can look very different on camera (or in pictures) and on your skin.

8. You could also experiment with lip colour effects too like ombre lips or a Korean stain. Watch this video for a guide on Korean stains.

Hope this post inspires you to try on lip colours if you still haven’t or help you learn a few new things. Enjoy! 🙂

P.S.- A friend recently told me about the health scares due to lead in lip colours. When I researched it online I came across the official FDA answers and this article by CBS news puts in perspective that small amounts are not dangerous. Also the results of a gold ring test for lead detection is debatable. If you still feel like staying away read the list of 11 lead free lipsticks available. Take Care.