Quick Personalized Stationery


Pinterest is full of DIY hacks and I decided try out a few of them. Following are 12 quick upgrades to basic stationery items. Hope you like my personal twist to these everyday items.¬†I am glad I did them, my work desk looks much prettier and organized now. ūüôā


stationery quick 1

Materials: 2 piece¬†3″ Wooden pegs + Washi tape + Multi¬†purpose glue (Fevicol all-fix)
How-to: First cover one side of each peg with washi tape. Next facing the clips in opposite directions, with the washi side out on each peg, stick them together using glue. Now placing the earphones in one mouth loop the cord around the rear ends and fix in place in the opposite mouth.

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Flower Arrangements at Home (Part-2)


In my last post I discussed homemade floral arrangements using¬†carnations and daisies and in today’s post I’l showcase floral arrangements you can make out of orchid flowers. On my birthday along with the wooden flower arrangement I also received a hand bunch of purple orchids, white orchids and springeri branches.

Original bunch in vase

Glass jar rafia bow

The first and my favorite is the glass jar with rafia bow arrangement. This Yera brand jar is the Indian equivalent to Mason jars, in local markets you get it as pickle storing jars. For this arrangement I have used six purple orchids, a glass jar, magenta rafia and a while doily. First measure out the rafia and tie it into a bow. Next fill the jar with water and using the twist technique place the orchid stems. Place this jar on the doily. A simple and pretty floral arrangement fit for the dining table and a coffee table.

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Flower Arrangements at Home


A few days back I was gifted a chic floral arrangement for my birthday and as with most bouquets some of the flowers started wilting by the second day. I did not want to throw the still pretty flowers, did some research and came up with a few options to rearrange the fresher flowers into my own homemade floral arrangements. These are great ideas for mini floral arrangements for around the house or even smaller events with fresh flowers.

The arrangements shown below have been recreated with the same bunch of flowers, finally I displayed the square glass container arrangement and the daisies in bowl arrangement.¬†I had¬†seven purple carnations and twelve white daisies along with a few baby’s breath fillers, mint like leaves and xanadu leaves.

Drinking glass

I have used a 5 inch tall clear drinking glass for the first arrangement. This is a white and green classy looking floral setup for which two xanadu leaves, all the daisies and a few baby’s breath has been used. I eventually had to use some of the torn daisies from the rubbish pile to fill in the gaps on the outer circle. You could place this arrangement¬†at the dining table or a side table for a¬†touch of calmness.

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Felt Organizers (DIY)


The inspiration for these organizers is Etsy. I have been looking for similar organizers in India but couldn’t find them, so thought of making my own. There are four items in this organizer set- card holder, pen case, cord organizer and a keyring. It does involve machine sewing but you could hand sew¬†or use the help of a local tailor. ¬†I have used the colours mustard, grey and black for my set, choose colours according to the gift receiver.


organizer materials

Craft Felt: Approx 30 cm or 3 A4 sheets (I have used a mix of the polyester felt sheets and black furnishing felt.)

Suede Cord: 2 meters ( I have used suede bar cord from Ebay that I had in my supplies from a year back.)

Matching Sewing Threads: 3 colours

Sewing Machine and accessories: I have used the Usha Janome which also has embroidery options.

Keyring: 1 pc

Thick Needle

Fabric Marking Pencil

Measuring Ruler


I have linked to online craft stores. If you are in Kolkata you will be able to find most supplies in Starmark.


card holder

Approx. time: Less than 30 minutes

Step 1: Download the measurements from here.

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Christmas Cheer


I am always excited about Christmas! The web is filled with Christmas celebration posts and I thought of doing one for us people who¬†love the festival but don’t want to buy a Christmas tree for one day. Following are 4 Pinterest inspired tree ideas that you could easily DIY. I have been making a magazine tree since the past two years!


You could buy most of the materials at the online Itsy Bitsy store.



Materials required: 1 old magazine + 1 Christmas streamer (optional)

Approx. time: 10 minutes

Step 1: Start folding the magazine from the front cover. Take the right top corner and fold towards the binding of the magazine.

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Planner 2015


This is my first DIY post, and with the New Year coming I thought of doing a customized planner tutorial. Personally I have found it very difficult to get a planner/diary suited to individual needs and taste. But with this DIY anyone can tailor make their own planner.

IMAG0910 - Copy






  • Notebook¬†with ring filing (You can select¬†as per your requirement)

– Post-its (In various sizes and shapes)

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