Custom Rug DIY

In January I saw this striped woven rug at a local handicrafts fair and instantly fell in love with the color combination. Bought it and placed it near my desk area, and since it lacked any textural detailing I added my own. In just an evening I was able to add a whole lot of personality to the room.

Four surface ornamentation detailing have been used. Depending on the size of your rug and the time on hand you can go in for a mix of these textures. Let’s get started!

tassels and pompom rug carpet

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Blog Planner with Free Printables

I agree that mid-February is a bit late for a planner but I wanted to be completely satisfied with it’s usability before sharing it with you. Last year too I had made a planner (my first DIY on the blog ;)) and it was more of a technique post on how to make customized planners instead of a focused idea . Today I am sharing a fully planned out Blog Planner with free printables.

The blog planner printable includes : calendar, monthly planner / post checklist / monthly analytic tracker / annual analytic tracker / giveaway planner / guest post planner / sponsorship tracker / affiliate tracker / monthly finance tracker / user-id and password keeper / contact page / 52 week challenge tracker and 30 day tracker.

blog planner 2016


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Custom Jewelry Dish (geometric)

I have been wanting to try my hands at using air dry clay for a while, and after some snooping around finalized on these custom jewelry dishes. The step-by-step tutorial did involve a few trial rounds, so you can relax and not repeat the mistakes I did.

These jewelry/ trinket dishes make for a great organizing tool for your precious baubles. I have kept mine on the dressing table and placed all my go-to daily earrings, neck-chains, ring and watch on them. Now I can just grab-and-go, making my dressing routine easier.

Jewelry Dish DIY

I used my nick-name ‘AKI’ and hearts for the engraved impression, and made a set of three geometric jewelry dishes- octagon, hexagon and triangle. You can go for your brand’s logo, a friend’s name or even your own name. Also select the number of jewelry organizers you wish to make with a custom color palette and tint of metallic paint.

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Textile Inspired Wall Hanging


I have a white room with white furniture and was looking for ways to add some colour to it. After a few minutes of Pinterest browsing I planned on making this wall hanging that embodies both elements of my work and my need for colour. My collection of craft materials is quiet huge, I often buy items that catch my fancy and aren’t too expensive even if I don’t plan to use them for the project in hand. So, gathering elements for the wall hanging was a breeze.

You could customize the elements and colour palette according to materials available. I went with a pink and orange palette, adding shades of purple to it. Following is a pictorial step-by-step guide to arranging and adding elements. I have linked to individual element’s tutorial where needed. I made two wall hangings in this set.


Flat canvas board- 8″ x 10″
Flat canvas board- 8″ x 8″
Acrylic paint- 2 bottles
Foam brush- 1 piece
Old paint brush- 1 piece (to take paint out of the bottle)
Fevicol/ Mod Podge- 1 tube
Glue dots/ Hot glue gun- 1 pack

Wall Decor DIY


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Chalkboard Clipboard


Today’s DIY idea is the easiest craft I have done recently. In sync with this week’s Housewarming theme it is a must have for most kitchens- a chalkboard clipboard. You can note down anything between your grocery list to daily reminders of things-to-do. It makes for a great housewarming gift for young adults with packed schedules, they can even note a reminder to call their mom. You could design one with funky Hindi titles like the “किराने का सामान” (meaning grocery list) title or English basics “remember” or “to-do”.


Clipboards- 2
Chalkboard paint- 1 can
Acrylic paint black- 1 bottle
Paint brush
White marker (a broad felt tip preferable)


chalkboard paint clipboard 1
Paint the front of the clipboard with a coat of chalkboard paint. You could use either a flat brush or round brush.

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Fabric Storage Baskets


It is convenient, practical and a need in every organized household- a storage basket. Today’s post is an easy tutorial on making a storage basket , make one for personal use or as a gift. The options to customize are limitless- from shapes, sizes to material choices. Let’s get started!


Main fabric/ shell fabric- 1 meter
Lining fabric- 1 meter
Sewing thread matching lining fabric- 1 piece
Interfacing (optional/ required if your shell fabric is thin)


Circular object (I used a food plate of 12.5″ diameter and 38″ circumference)
Sewing machine
Measuring tape
Measuring scale/ ruler
Fabric pen/ white pencil
Pearl pins/ t-pins


fabric basket diy 1

Step 1:-
Trace out the circle using the plate and add 1/2″ seam allowance all around. Next measure out the circumference of the plate (mine was 38″). Using this measurement as the length of the rectangle and your desired basket height (mine was 14″) as the width draw a rectangle. Add 1/2″ seam allowance all around. I added the seam in the rectangle drawing it self, this gave me a 39″ x 15″ rectangle. Check this picture to see how I lay both the basket pieces on the fabric.

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