Lehenga Dupatta Drape Styles (Part-2)


Over the past few months, since my first post on dupatta draping styles, I found a few more interesting lehenga dupatta drapes that I wanted to share. Some are slight variations of the styles already discussed in part-1 and others are completely new drape styles.

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The first style today is a variation of the ‘pleated dupatta on one shoulder  that is draped across back and onto the opposite forearm’ style. For the variation as seen in Vineet Rahul’s show, keeping half the dupatta length in front pin it on one shoulder then take is across back and drape the rest in front on the same forearm as the pinned shoulder. Second style is self-explanatory and you could variate the sides. Take half the dupatta in front and drape rest across back and wrap over the opposite arm, then flick the front half over the opposite shoulder in a shawl like wrap. Third style is a variation of the basic saree like seedha pallu dupatta drape that is best suited for narrower width dupattas.Tuck one corner of the dupatta at the lehenga waist, taking the rest of the dupatta from the back drape it on the opposite shoulder keeping the dupatta towards the front.

Basic Style Upgraded

The next style of dupatta drape is a variation of style.7 from my last post. To achieve this style open the dupatta and placing it at the nape of the neck drape it across the back and over the shoulder on the front. Make sure to pin the dupatta on both shoulders for hands-free movement. This is a great style to show off heavily embroidered dupattas or to achieve a cape like look with your dupatta. This drape style was seen at Divya Reddy, Vineet Rahul and Manish Malhotra’s shows.

Across the Shoulder Dupatta Drape

The following are three variations of the across back drape again. Instead scrunching the dupatta at both elbows drape the dupatta across back, scrunch at one elbow and place the opposite arm dupatta over the same scrunched side. You could also wrap both sides of the dupatta over each arm, this is a good style for net or very light weight dupattas. To achieve the third variation after draping the dupatta across back -over the front – tuck the ends at the back waist of the lehenga. Do not use this style with translucent fabrics cause they will look untidy with all the tucking.

Across Back Over Arms Dupatta

The following are three stylish yet conservative drape styles. The first is a variation of the usual shawl drape (style.8 on previous post). Keep half the dupatta in front over one shoulder then take the rest from the back and drape it under the opposite arm and over the same shoulder. For the second style shown below loosely pleat one corner of the dupatta- pin it on shoulder- take the rest of the dupatta across front, under the opposite arm, across back and over the same shoulder. The drape for this style needs to be really neat for a non-bulky look. The third is a mix of across back and shawl draping styles. Drape one-fourth of the dupatta over left shoulder to the back, then taking the rest across front and across back bring it to the front over the same shoulder. All three styles can be used with net, georgette and handloom dupattas.

Shawl drape lehenga styles

Next are three styles with dupattas over the head. Usually we drape the dupatta over our heads only for rituals, but some of the following styles can be used for styling purposes as guests too. For the first drape style pin the mid-point of your dupatta on the head, leave one half loosely at the back and bringing the other half to the front drape it over the opposite arm diagonally. This style provides enough coverage of exposed abdomen while looking modern. The second style is playful and can be used with shorter or longer blouse lengths, just make sure the dupatta you use is very light weight. Just pin the midpoint of the dupatta to the bun on your hair and your are done. For the third style pin the dupatta to your hair and leave one half loosely draped on the front, for the other half scrunching it bring it to the opposite side and pin on the side waist under the other half. This is a very slight twist to a basic veil drape while showing the lehenga skirt’s embroidery in all it’s glory.

Dupatta drape over the head

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As I mentioned in the suit dupatta draping post– Gaurang Shah always plays with drape styles in his shows giving stylish twists to traditional textiles. The two drapes shown below are very similar in terms of the first half of their drapes. For the first style pin one end of the dupatta at mid waist keeping the shorter side almost perpendicular to the ground, then like a saree pallu drape take the rest of the dupatta around to the front side and drape it over the left shoulder to the back. The best part of this drape is the visibility of the dupattas weaves. The second style needs to be pinned at the waist similarly and then thrown in the front over the right shoulder in pleats, pin one edge of the pleats to the side waist. Both styles will look great with non-translucent fabrics and can be worn with plain lehenga skirts and interesting dupattas.

Saree like lehenga dupatta drape

The following six are dupatta draping styles using two dupattas. First is a drape seen at Sabyasachi’s studio which uses a metallic belt along with the two dupattas. Cleanly pleat one dupatta and pin the mid-point over one shoulder, next clasp the belt in place and the drape the veil/ second dupatta over the head letting it loosely fall on both sides. For the second style pleat one dupatta- place the mid point at the shoulder and tuck the inner edge of the front half at the back waist- then clasp your belt in place. Pin the veil on your head and drape one half in the front and one half at the back. The third style’s veil can be varied to stay on the shoulders or over the head. For this style keeping one-third of the loosely pleated dupatta in front, take the rest from the back over the opposite arm. Belt this into place with only the front half being under the belt. Then open the second-dupatta and drape across back scrunching it in the front at the elbows.

Bridal Dupatta Drape

The next three styles are great options for the wedding day- they are grand and elegant. For the first style below drape one dupatta across back at the waist and scrunch it at both elbows, then pin the second dupatta at the head and place one half towards the front and the other half towards the back. The second style is an extension to one of the above mentioned drapes. Drape one-fourth of the dupatta over left shoulder to the back, then taking the rest across front and across back bring it to the front over the same shoulder. Next drape your second dupatta across back scrunched ta the elbows. The third style ensures both dupattas have their time in the limelight. Open and pin the first dupatta’s mid-point on one shoulder. Next taking the second dupatta pin it over your head and bring one half to the front.

Double dupatta drape over lehenga

You could play around with any style to suit your lehenga and dupatta design. You could even wear the same lehenga with different drape style for various weddings in the same season.

Get experimenting and have fun! :)


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