Last Minute Idea for Father’s Day


In the last post in the Father’s Day series is a last minute idea for all those busy children who forgot to buy their dad a gift. If you are crafty you could also check out my last post on DIY gifts which take less than an hour and half. Today’s idea is one I recently used on my dad’s birthday. Me and my brother went on a last minute gift search but couldn’t find any so we ended up surprising our tea lover dad with Bed Tea, more like a breakfast in bed. You could check a snap of that on my instagram here. Let’s get started!


For the Sandwich: 5 slices of bread+1 cucumber+1 cube cheese+Butter+Salt and Pepper for taste

For the Fruit Plate: 2 apples+2 mangoes

For the Fruit Jelly: 6 jelly pieces ( I used the Cup Jelly)+3 pc plums+5 black grapes+11 pc cherries

For the Tea: Tea leaves+Sugar+Milk+Water

For the set-up: 1 big tray+2 side plates+1 big bowl+1 tea-cup+1 napkin+1 spoon+1 fork+1 tissue+1 card (optional)

ToolsHeart Cutter set ( you could use any shape cutter)+Knife+Vegetable peeler+Chopping board+Extra plates/trays for preparation

The presentation is very important for this idea. Keeping in mind the seasonal mangoes and apples I have used a colour theme of yellow and white. I have used a yellow tray, glass plates, glass bowl, glass cup and a white paper doilie. I would advise you to use heart shape cutters because it’s the symbol of affection, even though you could leave the items bare too.


heart sandwhich

Step 1: Using a bigger sized heart, I used the third size in the set, cut into the breads individually. Most pieces tear off on their own, or you could use a knife to scrape the sides.

Step 2: Butter the bread slices and sprinkle salt and pepper. I made one double bread sandwich and one triple bread sandwich.

Step 3: Peel the cucumber and cut thin slices. Place in in the sandwiches.

Step 4: Slice the cheese cube into halves through the middle giving you two square pieces of half widths. Place the two halves beside each other and using the smallest heart cutter cut a heart.

Step 5: Plate up. Place the triple bread sandwich above the double bread sandwich. Place the middle-cut heart on top.


heart fruits

Step 1: Cut the apples into thin circular slices.

Step 2: Using the medium to bigger circled apples cut hearts into the middle using the smallest heart cutter. We will be using the circles and not the heart cutouts because the middle areas will have the seeds.

Step 3: Cut the mangoes vertically into slices. One mango will give approx 4 slices for the hearts.

Step 4: Using the smallest heart cutter cut out the shapes. Do not use soggy soft mangoes because they will not retain the shape during cutting.

Step 5: Plate up. Place the hearts into a middle circle and the apples on the circumference of the side plate.

You do not have to be super neat with the slicing but try and keep the heart shapes neat and clean.


quick jelly fruits

This is a very quick dessert and does not require any baking skills, but if you have time make a more fancy dessert like my favorite egg-less sponge cake layered in jar.

Step 1: Slice the plum removing the seeds. Cut the stems of the cherry.

Step 2: Place the jelly in two bowls according to colour. Using a spoon smash into the jelly cutting it into smaller parts.

Step 3: Start layering with the jelly. Add slices of plums over it.

Step 4: Continue adding the cherries in the circumference, a layer of jelly, another layer of plum, another layer of jelly and finally the black grapes on top.


bed tea tray setup

Step 1: Place the doilie over the tray in the middle.

Step 2: Place the sandwich plate, fruit plate and fruit jelly bowl.

Step 3: Place the hot tea cup. I have not written the tea-making process assuming most Indians know it already.

Step 4: Place a paper napkin, or fabric napkin, along with a spoon and fork.

Step 5: You could additionally place a father’s day card and carry a gift along too.

Hope your Dad loves his morning tea presented in style. Do leave me comment with your feedback. Have fun! 🙂