Ethnic Clutch – Easy to Make


I realize most people around me have the notion that DIY means recycling/ upcycling, whereas there is so much more to it. DIY is also about making products from scratch, re-purposing an item apart form it’s set use or customizing a store bought article! I am presenting a half-hour session on DIY clutches this weekend and since the time frame is short I will only be showing surface ornamentation for store bought clutches. So, I though of expanding the session into a tutorial on making an ethnic clutch from ground up.

Colorful Ethnic Clutch Purse

I chose the same color palette as the A-line Cape, you could select fabrics and embroideries based on your Indian wear wardrobe. There are umpteen options to personalize this clutch, but the steps will remain similar. If you are not familiar with a sewing machine, you could also read up the tutorial and entail the help of a local tailor. Let’s get started.

Materials for Embroidered Clutch

Materials for a 7″ x 6″ ready ethnic clutch :

Concealed zipper – 8″
Main fabric/ Shell fabric – 2 pieces of 8″ x 7″ (I used a 2.5″ border as part of the shell and thus cut two 8″ x 4.5″ pink embroidered fabric)
Lining fabric – 2 pieces of 8″ x 7″
Multi colored pompoms – 4 pieces
Matching beads – 24 pieces

Tools :

Sewing machine
Matching thread
Hand sewing needle
Pearl pins
Measuring ruler

Stitching an Ethnic Clutch

Step 1:
– Stitch the border with the embroidered fabric, making the shell fabric into one piece.
– I used the existing 1/2″ seam fabric from one side of the border and 1/2″ from the embroidered fabric for the seam.
– Place the seam excess toward the bottom border and iron, this helps lessen the bulk at the joint.
– Do the same for both shell fabric pieces.

Attaching zipper to ethnic clutch purse

Step 2:
– Attach the zipper.
– Place the zipper between the right sides of the main fabric and lining fabric, as shown in the left picture).
– Using a single footer, stitch along the 1/2″ seam along the zipper. (Black line is representative of the stitch line placement in left picture.)
– Do the same for both sides of the ethnic clutch.

Pink Clutch Indian

Step 3:
– Lay the half stitched parts with the zipper in the middle and right sides of shell fabric facing each other, and right sides of lining fabric facing each other.
– Stitch along the black lines as shown in right picture, leaving a 3″ opening in the lining fabric. This seam around the clutch is slightly tricky, but will a little patience you can achieve it.
– Place all excess seams at the zipper towards the main fabric, this helps keep the lining fabric towards the inside of the clutch by not bulking and standing out.
– Slash the corners of the ethnic clutch to reduce further bulk.

Multi colored Clutch Bag
Inverting lining of Clutch

Step 4:
– Using the 3″ opening turn the ethnic clutch inside out.

Adjusting Clutch Corners
Indian Ethnic Wear Purse

Step 5:
– Once entirely turned, turn again to get the shell fabric outside.
– Using your scissors adjust the corners and iron the bag flat.
– Because of the bulk of the embroidered fabric seams your ethnic clutch may look a little curved at the sides. I personally found this totally fine, but if you are looking for straighter sides use thinner fabric for the shell.

Pom-pom for Indian Wear

Step 6:
– Next we attach the pompoms.
– I found using the double thread loop neater for the pompoms, thread a needle with two strands and loop it around itself to knot.
– Next add beads to the threaded pompom, I added six beads to each pompom to make them hang a little away from the clutch.

How to attach pom-pom to Purse

Step 7:
– Attach the pompom to shell fabric of the ethnic clutch. Insert the needle in the shell fabric and back out, then knot the thread around itself to finish.
– Make sure you do not attach the lining fabric to the pompom stitch, that’s why we still haven’t sewn the opening in the lining fabric.

Finishing for Embroidered Purse

Step 8:
– Once all four pompoms are attached, hand sew the opening in the lining fabric.
– I used a simple blind hand stitch to close the opening.
– Iron the bag.

Your very own designed ethnic clutch is all ready! If you have any further queries about the steps used drop me an email. Let me know how you liked my ethnic clutch and which color are you making your’s in. Keep experimenting. 🙂


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