Hair Curls and Waves


As promised in my Indian Celebrity Inspired makeup post, today I am discussing the various methods of curling your hair. You could achieve tight curls to beachy waves using these tutorials. I have tried four of the following methods and have discussed tips and tricks for each. Get started!

(Click on the peach author names for links to the videos mentioned.)


I want start by saying that Mimi Ikonn of Luxy Hair is my hair styling idol! She makes everything look easy and seamless. I would love to try her range of hair extensions some day. Mimi has used 3 brushes in her tutorial but if you have naturally straight hair you could use just the small round brush. The blow dry will result in very soft curls. Always use a heat protector before applying heating tools like the blow dryer to your hair.


The technique shown in the above video is also known as pin-curls. This is the easiest curling technique also requiring minimum investment. All you need are hair styling clips and a rubber band. You could also use tic-tac clips, but they tug at the hair when you open the curls. I tried this and my thin flat hair never looked better! The key is in keeping the hair slightly wet and allowing it to dry completely before opening the curls. If your hair has problems retaining curls, use hair spray before opening the curls.

There are other tools and techniques you can use to achieve heatless waves. Ranging from braiding to the funniest ever with the help of bananas. I have tried the braiding technique and it gave a perm like texture instead of the waves. Depending on your hair type the results will vary. I have listed the various videos below.

– Braiding for thick hair by Farha Dhukai
– Braiding for thin hair by R and R Beauty
– Twisted bun by Sephora
– Twisted loops by Tina
– Use of banana by Rclbeauty 101
– Use of socks by Erin
– Use of headband by Mimi Ikonn
– Use of paper towels Mimi Ikonn
– Use of chopsticks Tina


The third method is with the use of a flat iron. It’s best to use a narrower width with rounded edges straight iron to get the waves. Keep in mind to move the iron slowly, when you move it fast the curls are less defined. The same method could be used for shorter hair length, check this video by  Vivianna. You could also use the pin-curls method mentioned in heatless waves, check this video by Party Jordan for a detailed tutorial. I have a broader width (two inches) flat iron and both methods work well giving different effects.


The use of curling iron is the fastest method in terms of total time consumption and precision of curls. You could use assorted barrel widths to achieve various waves. Choose a thicker barrel (2 inch radius) for loose waves or go for a thinner barrel (1 inch or less) for tighter curls. There are curling irons with multiple rod sets available too. See this quick video by Popsugar Beauty on how to achieve the two differnet looks.

Also experiment with the curling method- direction of curls and placement of iron rod on hair length. Once you are set with the look the process becomes faster for future curling. For a tutorial on short hair curling with curling rod check this video by Camila Coelho. You could also check this video by Mimi Ikonn on how to achieve tighter curls with the curling rod. There is also a pro-curler available like the BaByliss Miracurl, watch this video by Jessica Harlow for a tutorial on using the pro-curler.


There are three main categories of rollers- velcro rollers, ceramic rollers and self binding curling sticks. I am yet to try this method but I have seen the results in salons. The waves can be smaller to looser depending on the roller size. The key here is having slightly damp hair while rolling and letting it complete dry before opening the rollers. Watch this video by Stephanie Ledda to learn the use of ceramic rollers and this video by Tresemme India to learn the use of curling rods.

Hope this post helped you with your curls and also learn a few new things. I love doing posts like these where I personally try most of the techniques. Keep experimenting and have fun! 🙂