Goal Setting for 2016 (Free Printable)

Happy New Year

A new year is a chance for a better you– that’s what I believe in. You could make changes anytime of the year but I think important dates like new year and birthdays help set a clearer timeline. As you might have already guessed – today’s post is on a personal note, but I have also included free yearly and monthly goal setting printable for you!

Some of you might argue the following list of my personal goals for 2016 is more of a resolution list, and you would not be wrong. But I find calling them goals motivates me further since ‘goals’ are more result oriented. In comparison ‘resolutions’ are just decisions that most of us end up breaking, at least I don’t find it impelling enough to stay persistent. Anyways, whatever you may want to call it, I feel even more answerable for achieving them since it is posted on the blog now!

Shatakshi K -Goals for 2016

The list is a mix of health related, passion related, fun things and personal changes. I will dive a bit into each resolution to tell you where it comes from and what I want to achieve. This way you could help me through the changes and I am open to all suggestions and ideas. 🙂

To start with there are two health goals- exercising thrice a week and drinking more water. I have been wanting to exercise for a long time now but always end up doing it for only a few days and lazying out. I realized I was setting goals like working out daily or wanting to loose a certain amount of weight and I would feel mentally tired and demotivated even before starting out. So this time I set a more realistic goal for exercising thrice a week, I can easily mix between walks or easy set of exercises that would also not be time specific. As for drinking water- I recently did a friend’s makeup and realized her skin was glowing and felt moisturized from within and the major reason was her daily consumption of water. Like most women in my age group I am facing dry skin problems and have been trying this solution for the past few days with a remarkable difference already. So, I plan to continue it into the whole of next year so it becomes a habit.

Health and Food GoalsIndian Desserts with a Twist

Next is a set of four new things I want to do- learn to cook a basic meal, eat new dishes, get a small tattoo and travel to two new destinations. Some of these might seem silly to certain people and it took me some courage to actually put it out here. But I am proud of the list as these are smaller steps I need to take to be the person I envision to be. Top most in this set is learning to cook, things like a simple Indian meal and a pancake. I love pancakes and that’s why it is on my list. 😉 As for a simple meal- cooking using recipes is comparatively easy and I have done that but for some reason I have not tried my hands at a home meal. I will be learning rice, dal, two-three vegetables and probably an Indian bread. My mother is going to be so happy to read this.

I am not a foodie and often stick to my favorites at an eatery. Even though I am not passionate about food and cooking, quick recipes being my favorite, I need to broaden my horizon. Honestly, I am usually afraid of ordering something and disliking it since I am not aware of it’s flavors. But the only solution would be to try new dishes to learn more about flavors I like or dislike.

Also included in the new things on the goal setting list is a new tattoo. I have had a mix of bad and mundane in the past year and am looking forward to an amazing 2016. The tattoo would be to commemorate any important achievement this year. Depending on what I am celebrating I will select a simple and small tattoo design. Next is travelling goals, two new destinations. I am fond of travelling, even though I haven’t traveled much I want to discover at least two new places this year. I am not being too specific about the destination or the reasons (could be for work, weddings, just for play) cause it becomes difficult to achieve too exact a goal, unless it aligns with another tangible goal.

Wardrobe GoalsDupatta Cape Design DIY

Next are two wardrobe goals, they are not as frivolous as they might seem. First is adding color to my wardrobe– I mainly have a wardrobe of blacks, blues and whites! This by the way seems to be a recurring goal every alternate year. I knowingly purchase pieces in different color palettes but I end up buying work neutrals in the most wardrobe hauls. As some of you might know, the color choice in clothes also reflects the person’s moods. So , cheers to a brighter year and a colorful wardrobe.

The second wardrobe goal is to design clothes and accessories for my wardrobe. This is a mix of personal and work goals- I am a DIY artist and aim at making quality custom additions to peoples lives. How can I ask others to get crafty when I don’t use it more in my personal life. This goal will make me experiment more with both my techniques and my wardrobe choices. A DIYed wardrobe will also make for good marketing for the blog!

In continuation there are two more work and personal goal overlaps in this goal setting list. Handmade gifts for everyone– the fact that they are made by me adds to the marketing of the blog and second it helps keep me on track with personal relationship developments. I love gift giving and am a very thoughtful gift giver, but in the past year I somehow did not gift much and want to improve on that. This would also be in sync with my next goal- socialize more. I will put in more effort to meet new people and interact more with acquaintances, and handmade gift giving can be part of my efforts. I am reading on steps to take to improve my communication and social skills and would love your input about any personal achievements. 🙂

The last two goals on my current goal setting list are time and effort related. I have been wasting a few extra hours on social media and also spending less time observing and being more present. I do this exercise every few weeks but I want to imbibe it as a habit now to spend only a few qualitative minutes on social media for personal interactions and random research. And the last and most intangible goal is to work harder and smarter on the blog. In the first year as a blogger, solopreneur and freelancer I have made mistakes and learnt lessons. There is a huge road ahead of me and a little more discipline on the work front is required. I hope to achieve my career goals in an effective and long lasting style !

Get your copy of the goal list below.

2016 Goals for the Year Printable

Goals for the Month Printable

Wishing all of you an amazing new year with great achievements! Keep smiling. 🙂

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