Gifts to Make – In 90 Minutes


The third post in the Father’s Day series is on 3 DIYs you can make in under ninety minutes each. There is a candy box for a sweet toothed dad like mine, a personal message framed photograph and a timeline card. These gifts require bare minimum skill level and very few supplies. I have used CorelDraw for print editing but you could use any graphic software you are comfortable with. Let’s get started!


candy box

Materials Required: 250 grams Candy + 1 Gift box + 10 Self adhesive clear plastic bags + 1 A4 sheet 180gsm + 1 Double sided thin tape + Scissors

Approx time: 90 minutes

Step 1: Buy a mix of different candies.

Step 2: Sort the candies into individual clear plastic bags.

Step 3: Prepare your labels. Use a colour scheme to make it look more co-ordinated. You could also write it by hand. My plastic bags are 3 inch x 4 inch and I measured my labels as 3 inch x 2 inch with the fold-line at the mid 1 inch mark.

Step 4: Print out the labels, cut to size and fold along the middle.

Step 5: Using a thin double sided adhesive on both end paste the labels to the bags. I attached my labels at 1 inch from the top side leaving the adhesive side free. This makes it easier to take out a few and store the rest of the candies.

Step 6: Place all the labeled candy packets in a gift box.

Click here for a free A4 size printable with 11 labels for the candy box. 🙂

My father is a lover of all things sweet and this makes for a perfect quick gift. You could use such candy boxes as giveaways for baby showers and birthdays too. If you like the idea and are interested to place an order email me at It can be customized according to budget and the occasion.


personal message frame

Materials Required: 1 Photoframe + 1 A4 sheet 180gsm + 1 Washi tape + Scissors

Approx time: 60 minutes

Step 1: Ask your siblings to photograph themselves holding parts of the message. We wrote a “We Love You” message. Plan the direction of your photo (horizontal or vertical) beforehand, this saves editing time. Preferably use similar background in all pictures, we used white because that was the only similarity me and my sister abroad could find. If you have younger children you could also make one with children in playground backgrounds.

Step 2: Depending on your frame size combine the photographs to form one single print. I have used a 4 inch x 6 inch wooden frame. Edit the brightness/contrast of photographs if needed.

Step 3: Print on a thicker paper or photo paper. Cut to measurement.

Step 4: Using the washi tape outline the side of the photo frame. You could use the tape on the front of the frame as well. This adds an added element to the otherwise plain frame.

Step 5: Frame the final photograph collage.

I have broken down the idea in very simple steps. You could also go as elaborate as a bigger frame and professionally clicked photographs. If interested I could arrange for the same for Kolkata residents. Leave me a mail at


timeline card

Materials Required:  1 A4 sheet 180gsm  + Score and fold tool + Ruler

Approx time: 45 minutes

Step 1: Download icons like babies and couples for the card graphic.

Step 2: Open an A4 file in your chosen graphic software. Mark the midpoint width wise and start creating the card on the right hand side. Design according to life events you want to display. This could include birth, engagements, weddings etc.

Step 3: Print the final design on a thicker paper of 180 gsm or more. You could also use textured paper.

Step 4: Cut along the borders and fold midway.

Step 5: Write your message and attach with the gift.

Click here to see the final copy of my design. You could also frame the print. This makes for a touching nostalgic gift.

These are quick and easy DIY’s which make for fun gifts. You could make these for any occasion, be it birthdays, anniversaries or bridal gifts. If you are short on time or would like to customize any of these gifts leave me a comment. Have fun! 🙂