Gift Card Wrapping Ideas (with Printables)

Gift card is a common choice of gift but that does not mean the presentation has to be common too. Presenting to you five creative gift card wrapping ideas to add a ‘wow’ factor that your friend will love. Easy to print and make in under 10 minutes!

I have gone with the gender neutral and bright color palette of yellow, blue and white to make it universally usable. If you are looking for further customization leave me a message here. 🙂

All you need are access to a printer, medium thick paper and the printable files. Let’s get started.

how to gift wrap a gift card

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Quick Gift Wrapping (for the men)

As most of you might know I recently narrowed down the focus of my blog to all things gifting and celebrating. I am working at turning the blog into a visual diary of creative ideas ranging from lifestyle products you can make for gifting (or keep it for personal use ;)), gift wrapping, Indian wedding do-it-yourself ideas and much more.

Today is the first picture only post on the blog featuring 7 quick and easy gift wrapping styles for the special men in your life. There are two styles shown below- the first is a masculine style in shades of greens and second is a softer wrapping style in shades of red. Enjoy!

stacked gifts for men

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Words of Love


Looking for a quick romantic last minute idea? Valentine’s day, anniversary, birthday or just like that- use these words of love to make your special someone feel even more loved. Print, cut and use double sided tape to attach onto everyday objects. 20 funny (punny I mean 😉 ) words of love!

valentines day gift for him

‘Blinded by your love’ can be used on spectacle boxes, sunglasses or even lens case. ‘You are just my type’ is perfect for his/her morning paper, favorite magazine, most loved book and the keypad too.

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Printable Gift Boxes – Heart Pattern

We are already into Valentine’s Week and these printable gift boxes are perfect to show your love for the special one.

The final size of each printable gift box, after assembling, is 3 inch x 3 inch x 3 inch (length x breadth x height) so they easily fit all small size tokens of love. Depending on which day of the Valentine week it is pick your gift. A ‘will you be my valentine’ banner for propose day. Heart shaped chocolates for chocolate day, the gift box fits 6 pieces of one-and-half-inch heart shaped chocolates. A small teddy for teddy day. Printable love coupons for promise day- includes rubs, hugs and kisses. You could make a felt heart with scented filling for hug day, the scent acts a s a constant reminder of your togetherness. A handkerchief with your lipstick marked kiss for kiss day. On valentine’s day you could include the printable card along with a riddle to the finale gift or if it is a smaller sized gift wrap it in the gift box and voila!

easy diy gift wrap box

gift box 3 inch

The steps are very easy. The printable gift box are available in 8 color options (you receive when you sign-up at the end of the post) and 2 paper size options. You could either get each box printed on a single A3 (11.7 inch x 16.5 inch) sheet of paper or if you go for A4 size paper- each box is divided into two parts and the consecutive pages need to be printed to complete a single box.

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9 Wine Gift Wrap Ideas – In 15 Minutes

A bottle of wine is a common gift choice, especially as a last minute resort. With festive season in full swing it is the perfect time to show you 9 different and quick wine gift wrap ideas. You might own most of the materials used, if not they are very easy to find in local craft stores. Have bubbly fun!

I have used a grape juice bottle for representative purposes here, you can apply the same packing techniques to wine bottles, champagne bottles or any bottled gifts.

Gift Wrap with Tissue and Tag

Style 1

  • You need a fancy tissue, a gift tag and a strip of matching ribbon.
  • Measure the napkin to size and fold any excess towards the bottle. Using a few glue-dots or flat double sided tape secure the vertical overlapping side into place.
  • Next tie the ribbon with the gift tag on the neck of the bottle. Done.

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10 Unconventional Gifts for Couples


I have been wanting to do this post for a while but the fear of contacting the various artists and enterprises had stopped me, but as I grow more confident with the blog I will be featuring more outside businesses and new ventures. In today’s post I present 10 unconventional gifts for couples. Please note all the products and services mentioned are available in Kolkata and most of them also cater to the rest of India.

As much as we love the idea of a beautifully wrapped set of silverware, household items or personal accessories; one cannot deny the charm in a more thoughtful, personalized and experiential gift. By personalized I do not mean the usual photograph related personalized items available so commonly. These are fun gifts either created by artists or experiences that let the couple spend quality time with each other. The following gifts are apt for weddings, anniversaries or to show your appreciation to any couple.



Doodle Love Canvas by Brushes and Strokes

The couple’s personal story doodled by Harshi Agarwal of ‘Brushes n Strokes’ is as personal as a gift goes. This is a perfect gift from the couple’s close friends who know the details of the story. Any person with an interest in doodle art or with a fun sense of humor would love receiving their love story on canvas.

Price: Rs.3500 for A4 size art work.
Facebook page:

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