Gift Card Wrapping Ideas (with Printables)

Gift card is a common choice of gift but that does not mean the presentation has to be common too. Presenting to you five creative gift card wrapping ideas to add a ‘wow’ factor that your friend will love. Easy to print and make in under 10 minutes!

I have gone with the gender neutral and bright color palette of yellow, blue and white to make it universally usable. If you are looking for further customization leave me a message here. 🙂

All you need are access to a printer, medium thick paper and the printable files. Let’s get started.

how to gift wrap a gift card

  • Print your choice of gift box, card or wrapping sheet- from the five gift card wrapping ideas- on an A4 sheet.
  • Cut along the solid lines. (Use the final gift card wrap pictures in this post for reference.)
  • Fold along the dashed lines.
  • Glue the tabs with white craft glue or double sided paper tape. (Use the final gift card wrap pictures in this post for reference.)
  • Place card inside and if needed use fillers like tissue paper.
  • Seal with a sticker.
  • Write your name in the ‘from’ box.

First is a rectangle box of 3.75 inch x 2.5  inch x 1 inch (lxbxh). It is the perfect dimension to place a gift beautifully wrapped in gift wrapping tissue paper. Follow the instructions stated above. Next, cut around the blue label, polka dotted circle and ‘congratulations’ flag. Using small pieces of double sided foam tape place it over each other.

best way to wrap a gift card


unique ways to wrap a gift card

how to creatively wrap a gift card



This style is a set of a wedding congratulatory message card (with marked area for the gift card) and an envelope. After following the basic instructions stated at the start, using a craft knife slash the 4 grey lines at the back of the card and insert your gift card between them. This is the trickiest part of the process and if you are looking for a simpler solution- just wrap the gift card in basic white sheet and using double sided tape stick it in position.


how to wrap a gift card

fun ways to wrap a gift card

wrap a gift card



The yellow and sand color square box is the same size as the printable heart pattern gift boxes shared before. There are no additional instruction for this gift card wrapping idea. Simple, clean and fun.

ways to wrap a gift card

clever ways to wrap a gift card



This three fold wrap is the most complicated and unique of the gift card wrapping ideas shared today. It consists of three parts- the blue patterned gift card holder, the yellow multi patterned outer shell and the blue with floral tags. For the gift card holder, cut around the outline – fold the left and bottom tabs – and glue the tabs. Next punch the holes using the grey circle guides and place your card in.

The outer yellow patterned shell is easy to make. Just cut around and fold at the various pattern joint lines. Punch holes at the grey circle guides. Next using a piece of string or ribbon attach the card holder to the outer shell. Lastly using double sided tape attach the tags over each other.

how to wrap a gift card creatively

how to wrap gift card

wrap gift card

creative way to wrap a gift card



I wanted to have a an option for when you only have access to black ink printer or no printer at all. Using any patterned paper wrap the company envelop the gift card comes in the Japanese style of wrapping as shown below (most banks and shops provide you with a basic branded envelop). The pictorial step-by-step is easy to follow. Add a finishing touch by cutting out a paper snowflake pattern (use this picture as a guide). You only have to use craft glue once to attach the last overlap of the pattern paper and second to glue the overlap of the paper snowflake.


gift wrappin an envelop

envelop for cash gift card gift wrapping

gift voucher




black white a4 printed gift wrap paper

gift card wrap for wedding


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