Flower Arrangements at Home


A few days back I was gifted a chic floral arrangement for my birthday and as with most bouquets some of the flowers started wilting by the second day. I did not want to throw the still pretty flowers, did some research and came up with a few options to rearrange the fresher flowers into my own homemade floral arrangements. These are great ideas for mini floral arrangements for around the house or even smaller events with fresh flowers.

The arrangements shown below have been recreated with the same bunch of flowers, finally I displayed the square glass container arrangement and the daisies in bowl arrangement. I had seven purple carnations and twelve white daisies along with a few baby’s breath fillers, mint like leaves and xanadu leaves.

Drinking glass

I have used a 5 inch tall clear drinking glass for the first arrangement. This is a white and green classy looking floral setup for which two xanadu leaves, all the daisies and a few baby’s breath has been used. I eventually had to use some of the torn daisies from the rubbish pile to fill in the gaps on the outer circle. You could place this arrangement at the dining table or a side table for a touch of calmness.

First fill the glass container with water. Second, roll a leaf – touching the top point of the leaf to the start of the stem and place at bottom of the container. Make sure the stem is towards the inside and not visible through the glass. Do not cut the stem, it helps put pressure on the leaf to stay on the circumference. Continue with the second leaf and place above the first. Next start placing the daisies overlapping the stems at midpoint as shown here. Fill the gap in the center with baby’s breath.

Square glass pot

The second arrangement is made in a 3.5 inch square and 3 inch tall clear glass vase. I had purchased this container from a floral shop a few months back and use it as a pen stand on regular basis, I love such multi-purpose products. For this floral arrangement three carnations, a few daisies and baby’s breath have been used. This is a vibrant floral arrangement fit for coffee tables and dining tables. You could also make a similar arrangement with fresh flowers for a gift. The container costed me Rs.100 and a few flowers with fillers should cost you no more than Rs.100, making this a perfect price friendly gift.

I had seen this clear tape grid technique a while back and was waiting to try it, watch this video by Howcast for detailed instructions. First fill the container with water. Second, using transparent cello-tape create a grid, this need not be even. I cut the tape very close to the edges and this was easily covered by the flowers. Next cut the stems of the flowers according to container height. Start filling the grid with the biggest to smallest flowers. I cut the stems at varying half inch heights. Last place the baby’s breath as needed, the baby’s breath adds softness to the arrangement when placed openly.

Blue ceramics

This floral arrangement is best placed on coffee table or a side table. Use your favourite books and a few small ceramic bud vases. Some of you might remember these floral Japanese vases from the 80’s, we had a similar set and so did my grandparents. The steps are the simplest, pour water into the vase and place a single stem of daisy in each vase. Additionally use a few baby’s breath if required. Initially I planned to use the vase set on a white doily but the setup was looking too bland. So, I grabbed a few books arranged them in a twisted pile and placed the vases at different levels giving me an interesting conversation piece.

Coloured shot glass

There are three more simple floral arrangements you can make using items lying around the house. You could place a single carnation in shot glasses and line them up. For a side table use about three glasses and for a dining table setup use about six glasses, you could also place these on a rectangular less width wooden or ceramic plank. I bought these colorful glass set from Hometown and have used it for desserts too.

Next you could use a set of salt and pepper shakers. Mine are off-white ceramic shakers from the local handicraft fair. First fill the shakers with water and conceal tight, these had plastic stoppers at the bottom which kept the water intact. Next insert the stalks at the top holes, this gets a little difficult and the stems might break due to excess pressure. Try doing it with a soft hand and if needed peel a layer of the green at the stem. The third is the easiest setup and can be done with most flowers. Fill a broad mouth serving bowl with water. Next cut the flowers just at the start of the stem and place them in the water. Bigger bowls are often used with rose petals or marigold flowers at wedding functions.

Honestly I was not a fan of flowers around the house, especially because of the care they demand, but after this exercise I have started liking them. While working on this post I realized that flowers need not be high maintenance or expensive. They bring a breath of freshness, vibrancy and life to house. Leave me a comment with your thoughts on the matter.

Have fun! 🙂