Eyebrows and Eyelashes


Today I will be discussing about eyebrows and eyelashes. I have realized eyebrow filling and false eyelashes are not that commonly practiced  by women in India. When getting professional makeup done these techniques are definitely used but for self application not so much. I myself have recently started filling in my brows and experimenting with false eyelashes. Hope this post encourages you to try out something new and learn more tips and tricks about eyebrow shaping and false eyelashes.


The first video is about methods of eyebrow grooming at home. Himani Wright demonstrates her grooming style using the methods of threading, tweezing and electric trimmer. After watching this video I tried tweezing at home for the first time and was quiet happy with the results. The self threading will take a bit of practice to master but tweezing is easy. One of the main points is to know what shape you want and groom accordingly.


Wayne Goss’s video is a detailed discussion on eyebrow filling using a gel pencil. He uses two eyebrow pencil colors but you could achieve the look with just one. Though the video is almost 10 minutes long once you get a hang of it and start doing your brows it takes less than 5 minutes. First timers should practice a few times and play around with the shape before heading out. I personally like a more natural looking eyebrow but if you prefer a more sharp brow you could check out this video by Shirley.

For a tutorial on eyebrow filling using gel pots see this video by SMLxo.


Lisa’s video is a tell-all on false eyelash styles and it’s application. She has packed it with all the tips you will ever need for false eyelashes from picking the right style, glue choices to adding finishing touches with makeup. I have tried on my Eylure false eyelashes just once, but look forward to creating a few looks soon.

For a tutorial on applying individual false eyelashes see this video by Lisa Eldridge.


Eyelash curling is my go-to number one makeup technique. Even if I don’t apply any eyeliner or kajal I make sure to curl my eyelashes. Either you could curl holding the curler for thirty seconds at one go or use Wayne’s method of pressing a few times within the thirty seconds. Some people I know are afraid of using the curler but once you start using them you will not stop.

If you want to see a tutorial on applying mascara check this video by Pallavi Symons.


Put all you learnt about eyebrow filling and false eyelashes to use! Chloe Morello creates a fetching neutral glowy makeup look with a focus on the eye area. It is an easy to recreate look using a neutral brown and shimmer eye palette like the Maybelline copper brown palette and a natural lip shade.


1. Don’t groom your eyebrows too thin. It’s the age of natural and thick brows, once thinned it takes a long time to grow back.

2. Don’t choose black as your eyebrow filling colour. It mostly makes your brows look too harsh and unnatural. Like most Indians if you have deep brown to black hair choose a deep brown or greyish brown eyebrow pencil or gel.

3. When filling in the brows with either a pencil or brush use shorter gentle strokes mimicking the eyebrow hairs. Using a soft handed approach with fine feathery strokes creates natural looking filled brows.

4. You can use a dry cotton bud within a few minutes to clean away any excess product around the eyebrows.

5. Use a concealer or liquid base product to further sculpt the eyebrows and clean up any messy spots you may have.

6. It’s advisable to highlight below the eyebrow, this adds more definition to the look.

7. Start with a thin brow and work your way up into a thicker brow as required.

8. Always have a spooli handy.

9. Apply the false eyelashes as close to the natural lashline as possible.

10. Remove the glue from used eyelashes by wiping them off with warm water.

You could check my last beauty post where I reviewed the Eylure eyebrow pencil and false eyelashes. Hope this post helps you with all your eyebrow and eyelash related makeup queries. 🙂

I love trying out new techniques and products and would urge you to do the same. The new social media revolution on makeup shaming has me clapping at the ladies who have shared their opinion. It was started by YouTuber Nikkie, watch her original video here, and thousands have joined in. Most people do assume that a woman wearing makeup either wants to appease someone or is insecure, but that’s not true, they might be wearing makeup just because they like it and find it fun.

Leave me a comment with your views on the matter. Keep experimenting and have fun! 🙂