Custom Rug DIY

In January I saw this striped woven rug at a local handicrafts fair and instantly fell in love with the color combination. Bought it and placed it near my desk area, and since it lacked any textural detailing I added my own. In just an evening I was able to add a whole lot of personality to the room.

Four surface ornamentation detailing have been used. Depending on the size of your rug and the time on hand you can go in for a mix of these textures. Let’s get started!

tassels and pompom rug carpet

Step 1:

Attaching tassels to the rug edges. Following is a no-sew tassel adding technique that can be completed within a minute each.

First take approx 1.25 meter of wool yarn and wrap it around itself into 5″ long bundle. Next loop it around the last running yarn on the rug and invert as shown in the pictures below. Pull tight and to secure. Cut all tassels to the same length or a repeat pattern length. If your rug does not have a loose yarn in the edge you can make tassels using this method and sew them on.

adding tassels

how to make tassels

Step 2:

You can buy ready pompoms and skip this step, but making your own gives you an unlimited color choice and various size choices too. The step-by-step process of making pompoms is shown in the pictures below.

The pompom maker let’s you make three sizes- off-whites are made using the big round, black pompoms using the medium round and pink using the smallest round of the pompom maker. It took me approx 3 minutes to make one large pompom and a total of one and half hours to make all the pompoms required for this project.

how to make pom poms

using pom pom maker

Step 3:

Using a hot glue gun attach the pompoms.

Step 4:

You can also add running stitch textures using a carpet needle (broad eye and thick point) and the same wool yarns.

adding texture to fabric rug


If you do not have a glue gun you can sew on the pompoms with a matching sewing thread, as shown below. The only con in sewing is the extensive time it takes to attach all the pompoms to the custom rug.

The strength in both attachment methods is the same (I tested both methods by pulling at it and rubbing it hard).

sewing on pom poms

Have look at all the angles and close-up photographs of this custom textured rug.

textured rug


pink black and white carpet


easy to make floor rug carpet


craft ideas quick handmade gift


What is your favorite part of the desk area? Tell me in the comments below. 🙂