Creative Brunch Ideas


The idea for this post occurred when my friends and I were planning to do something casual yet different for the festive season. Going out for brunches is common, but what if you host a themed brunch. All you require is a theme idea and some common supplies. I went with ‘wilderness boho’ as my theme and planned the decor and table setting accordingly. The 3 DIYs in today’s post are a breeze to make!

Brunch DIY Holiday


Tribal Boho Brunch Theme Party

You should checkout the post ‘3 Quick Party Snacks‘ for recipes of the bread-platter, flavored popcorn and vegetable shooters.

Patterned Paper Placemats

Custom Place-mats :

All you need are printed papers of minimum 30 cm x 42 cm and a fancy craft scissor. You could even use full sized wrapping papers and cut them to size. Using the curved zig-zag scissors cut all around the paper-mat to add a design element. Depending on your theme you could pick multiple prints, color story or textured papers. As for the thickness you could go for any between 80 gsm to 250 gsm based on availability and price points.

Scalloped Placemat for Dining Table

I used a mix of 2 prints. One for both head chairs and the second for the four side chairs. Since my theme was wilderness I selected deeper toned prints with non-linear overlapping prints and brown checks napkins. Select tissues or napkins in a similar color tone as your place-mat. For example if you go for a ‘Mexican fiesta’ theme you should pick bright multicolored prints for the place-mats and go for single tone sunshine yellow napkins.

Easy Feather Drink Stirrer

Custom Chocolate Toppers / Drink Stirrers :

You need single color paper of 80 gsm – 120 gsm, gold paint, skewer sticks, scissors and glue. Cut out feather shapes from the paper and paint the top one-thirds with gold paint. Let it dry. Next using scissors cut angular slits from both curved edges towards the center, but leave about 0.5 cm space in the center of the feather. Also cut the skewer to required length. Lastly, using glue attach the skewer sticks to the middle of the feather on the back side. The stick should reach till the mid-point of the feather and not beyond, this gives the paper feathers slight agility.

Cupcake Topper Chocolate Stick Feather

You could use this method for chocolate toppers, drink stirrers, cupcake toppers (as seen in Bachelorette Bash too), fruit picker and food roll sticks.

Drink Stirrer Juice Easy DIY

Taking the ‘Mexican fiesta’ example further- instead of paper feathers you could go for printed sombrero hats, pineapple shapes or use thin slices of lemon for show. If you have non-toxic paint like food coloring you could also paint the skewer sticks in the theme colors.

Dream catcher Easy to Make DIY

Wall Decor :

In accordance with my theme I went for a dream-catcher, triangular banners and arrow signs. I picked a deep woody color story for the wall decor elements. Since these decor items were made just for the post I only made 1-2 pieces of each item. When I will be using them for a real brunch I would ensure making a few pieces of each so as to cover an entire wall section behind the dining area and even add a few elements, like the double arrow head strings, from the ceiling or overhead lamp.

I used this tutorial by Erica for making the dream-catcher using thick white thread, suede cords and velvet ribbons. No glue was used in the making, so I can easily open the cords and use the embroidery hoop again. The other decor elements are self explanatory- I used card stock paper in three colors and white paint. For the banners fold the paper in fan pleats and cut 1cm straight line  triangle  1cm straight line- This leaves you with a continuous paper banners. For the double arrow string I cut two sizes of triangle from two colous, and stuck the smaller triangle over the bigger triangle with approx 2cm gaps between the two arrow heads. Then using glue I stuck these arrows on the string. You could use Blu-tack or masking tape rolled to attach decor elements to the wall.

As example for the ‘Mexican fiesta’ theme you can make pinatas, multi-colored paper tassels or use bright ribbons as decor elements.

The best place to search for themes is Pinterest. If you have a theme in mind and would like some easy-peasy decor ideasdrop me an email with your query. Get creative and crafty! 🙂