Christmas Cheer


I am always excited about Christmas! The web is filled with Christmas celebration posts and I thought of doing one for us people who love the festival but don’t want to buy a Christmas tree for one day. Following are 4 Pinterest inspired tree ideas that you could easily DIY. I have been making a magazine tree since the past two years!


You could buy most of the materials at the online Itsy Bitsy store.



Materials required: 1 old magazine + 1 Christmas streamer (optional)

Approx. time: 10 minutes

Step 1: Start folding the magazine from the front cover. Take the right top corner and fold towards the binding of the magazine.

Step 2: Fold till the back cover and spread out.

You can keep the tree as is or add the Christmas streamer and rice lights.



Materials required: 1 small cup/glass + 1 bunch of dry flowers + 1 drink stirrer + 1 chenille stick + 1 gold acrylic dust and medium to mix + 1 brush + 1 scissors + 1 cutout paper (optional)

Approx. time: 15 minutes

Step 1: Fold the chenille stick into a star. This might take a few attempts to get the shape you want.

Step 2: Paint the drink stirrer with the gold paint. Wait for it to dry and attach the chenille star to the stick.

Step 3: Cut the dry flower stalks to required height. The golden glass I have used, from HomeTown, is 6.5 cm and I cut the stalk in varying heights uptill 26cm.

Step 4: Place the flower stalks and the drink stirrer with the star in the glass. I placed mine atop a cutout paper to give it a more concise look.

This is so easy, small and pretty- you could place one at your work desk! You could make 3-4 pieces and place them together for an elaborate setting too.



Materials required: 5-6 craft sticks + 1 pink acrylic paint bottle + 1 white acrylic paint bottle + 1 small pot + Little clay + 1 gold acrylic dust and medium + 1 paint brush + 1 scissors + 1 Fevicol Glue Drops + 1 black Fevicryl 3D Outliner + 1 chenille stick + Christmas elements (optional)

Approx. time: 30 minutes (approx 40 minutes drying time additional)

Step 1: Cut the sticks into 6 varying widths and leave 1 in full length. Paint the smallest width stick in the deepest pink and gradually add white to the pink paint moving towards the widest stick. Paint the full length stick ombre.

Step 2: Paint the small pot golden  and let it dry. Next fill it with mustard coloured clay. You could use clay mud too. Try and use the same coloured clay as the pot- this gives a cleaner finish.

Step 3: Attach the cut sticks to the full length stick with the Fevicol Flue Drops. You could also use Fevicol for attaching but the stick on Glue Drops is a much faster and cleaner option.

Step 4: Using the 3D outliner paint dots onto the sticks. This does not have to be in a straight line or too symmetrical, it should just be clean and pleasing to you. The 3D outliner takes sometime to dry, I smudged mine and had to replace the largest branch.

Step 5: Fold the chenille stick into a star (same as the Star In A Cup). Attach the star to the top branch with Fevicol.

Step 6: Place the completed tree into the clay filled pot.

This might look scary with all the materials involved, but you will love making this ombre tree! You could also use ice-cream sticks and make it in any colour you want, even do a blue to green ombre. The Christmas elements like pompoms and stars can be stuck to the branches, I preferred mine more minimalist. 



Materials required: 1 ball of thread + 1 bottle Fevicol + 1 scissors + 1 container + 1 roll cling sheet + 1 sheet ivory paper + 1 piece cellotape + some water + 1 battery tea-light.

Approx. time: 40 minutes (approx 4 hours drying time additional)

Step 1: Cut the ivory board into one-fourth circle shape. Check this picture. I used a 25 cm x 25 cm ivory board, drew a curve freehand joining two corners thus forming the one-fourth circle and this gave me an 18 cm cone. Use the cellotape to secure the two cone edges.

Step 2: Cover the cone with cling sheet. This plastic layer prevents the thread from sticking to the ivory board.

Step 3: In the container mix equal parts Fevicol and water. Dip the thread into this mixture and squeeze out any excess liquid.  It might be difficult to know the amount of thread you will require so just keep dipping portions of thread as you go along, please use a continuous string for the entire cone.

Step 4: Wrap the thread around the cone, going from the bottom to the tip. The wrapping will start taking shape as you go along There will be some threads bunching together, some having more space between each other- all of this is fine.

Step 5: Apply layers of the Fevicol-water mixture with a brush on overlapping thread lines. Apply an entire layer of the mixture atop the final layer thread cone.

Step 6: Let the cone, thread on the ivory board, DRY.

Step 7: Once dry remove the thread cone from the ivory board and using Fevicol stick stars to it.

Step 8: Place the tea-light under the cone, and switch it on.

This project is slightly messy but looks very pretty and store bought! You could make it of varying heights and coloured threads. 


For any questions or suggestions comment below. 🙂