Chalkboard Clipboard


Today’s DIY idea is the easiest craft I have done recently. In sync with this week’s Housewarming theme it is a must have for most kitchens- a chalkboard clipboard. You can note down anything between your grocery list to daily reminders of things-to-do. It makes for a great housewarming gift for young adults with packed schedules, they can even note a reminder to call their mom. You could design one with funky Hindi titles like the “किराने का सामान” (meaning grocery list) title or English basics “remember” or “to-do”.


Clipboards- 2
Chalkboard paint- 1 can
Acrylic paint black- 1 bottle
Paint brush
White marker (a broad felt tip preferable)


chalkboard paint clipboard 1
Paint the front of the clipboard with a coat of chalkboard paint. You could use either a flat brush or round brush.

chalkboard paint clipboard 2

After the first coat your clipboard will look like this. Also remember to paint the inner corners around the clip and the edges.

chalkboard paint clipboard 3

This is how the clipboard looks after two layers of chalkboard paint. It’s advisable to use two to three thin layers of paint instead of a thick layer which takes excess time to dry and chips of easily. Let the paint dry between layers according to the paint’s label instructions. I let mine dry for 4-5 hours. The chalkboard paint is glossy when newly painted but will eventually turn matte with the chalk writings.

Next, paint the metallic clips with acrylic paint. The clip will not have any writing so if we use the chalkboard paint it still remains glossy over time, whereas the acrylic paint gives a matte finish.

chalkboard paint clipboard 4

Next, using a white colour pencil or glass pencil write onto the dry clipboard. Using a white broad tip marker, the effect resembles that of a chalk, draw in the lines and the writing. Remember to test out your marker on any sample painted patch.

chalkboard paint clipboard 5

This is how the two boards look. You could make one for any room in the house, just use the right words.

chalkboard paint clipboard

I even painted an acrylic chalk holder to go along with the boards. Once pinned to the wall you will not forget the grocery list again!

Let me know what you think. If you are interested in ordering some drop me an email at Have fun! 🙂