Bridal Emergency Kit

Indian weddings are a mix of various events/functions, and some mishaps are bound to happen. Being the bride or bridesmaid you try to make sure all is taken care of, why not just add a little essentials kit into the mix. The bridal emergency kit includes everything a bride or bridal party could need for a last-minute emergency. Make one for yourself or gift one to the worried bride.


Below is my idea of a bridal emergency kit and the list of essentials, feel free to add your own items to it.


1. Cotton buds/ 2.Makeup remover wipes/ 3.Dry tissues/ 4.Wet wipes/ 5.Hair brush/ 6.Hair spray/ 7.Hair ties/ 8.Bobby pins and U pins/ 9.Nail polish remover/ 10.Mini manicure kit/ 11.Nail polish/ 12.Hand mirror/ 13.Tweezers/ 14.Lip balm/ 15.Lipstick/ 16.Blusher/ 17.Kajal /18.Pressed powder/ 19.Bindis/ 20.Perfume/ 21.Body lotion/ 22.Vaseline/ 23.Mini makeup brush set/ 24.Blotting paper/ 25.Safety pins/ 26.Double sided body tape/ 27.Mini sewing kit/ 28.Scissors/ 29.Stain remover pen/ 30.Hem tape/ 31.Waist cord nada/ 32.Mini lint roller/ 33.Band-aid/ 34.Antiseptic creme/ 35.Headache medicine/ 36.Allergy medicine/ 37.Pain medicine/ 38.Pain relief spray/ 39.Hand sanitizer/ 40.Feminine hygiene products/ 41.Energy bar/ 42.Cellphone charger/ 43.Strong adhesive/ 44.Contact lens solution and case/ 45.Bottle of water/ 46.Thin tip marker/ 47.Scotch tape/ 48.Hand towel/ 49.Tooth-picks/ 50.Mouth freshener 51.Straws/ 52.Eye brightening drops/


Cotton buds: To wipe smudged makeup, wipe tear-ducts, use with nail polish remover. Makeup remover wipes, Dry tissues & Wet wipes: Wipe makeup, dirty hands or anything. Good quality wet wipes can be double as makeup wipes too. Hair brush, Hair spray, Hair ties, Bobby pins and U pins: To neaten any hair out of place. You could carry a travel size hair spray for any frays coming out of your prettily done-up hair. Hair spray can also help reduce ink spots. Nail polish remover, Mini manicure kit, Nail polish: Carry the nail polish the bride is wearing. A mini manicure kit comes handy for any last minute broken nail or to smooth-en any jiggered nails. Hand mirror, Tweezers: Tweezers can help you place your false eyelashes back in place or to put the bindi properly. The manicure set from Forever21 (linked above) comes with a tweezers so you could just use that one instead of a separate one. Mini makeup brush set: The Forever21 kit is so pretty you would want to carry it just for that! These are for all the makeup touch-ups. Lipstick, Blusher, Kajal, Pressed powder: Carry makeup products matching to the bride’s makeup. For different events you could carry your regular makeup products. Bindis: A general set of golden or a leaflet of coloured stone bindis will suffice through the functions. Perfume: Either carry a travel sized perfume or buy a refillable perfume sprayer and fill it with your favourite perfume. Lip balm, Body lotion, Vaseline: All your moisturising needs will be taken care of. vaseline can be double as a lip balm. Carry smaller sizes or transfer some into travel size bottles.Blotting paper: Helps clean oil build-up and does not wipe away the makeup either.


Safety pins: Zipper breaking, hook coming off or a loose fitting use a safety pin. Double sided body tape: Most blouses and gowns these days have deep necklines, use the body tape to keep the necklines or cutouts in place. Mini sewing kit: Any last minute tears or fitting problems can be fixed with the help of a sewing kit. Remember to match the threads in the kit with the bridal outfits. Scissors:  Loose thread coming out- cut it out. The Sew Rite kit comes with a scissor in it so you could avoid buying a separate one. Stain remover pen:  This is supposed to fix smaller spots on the go. You could find a cheaper variety to the Stain Be Gone pen, linked above, at your regular departmental store. Hem tape: Just use an iron with this fusible tape to secure fraying hems. Waist cord nada: You could carry the regular white nadas available in the market or get fabric cords in colours like golden or red made from your local tailor ,as a backup for any waist or blouse emergencies. Mini lint roller: Clean any fibres sticking to your velvet or silk lehengas.


Band-aid, Antiseptic creme, Headache medicine, Allergy medicine, Pain medicine, Pain relief spray: Carry 1-2 tablets of each type. In the picture above some generic medicines for each type are shown but please consult your doctor before deciding on which medicines to carry. Add any prescription medicines too. Hand sanitizer:  Your hygiene is in your hands. Feminine hygiene products:  Carry your favoured type and brand even if it’s not that time of the month, with all the stress you never know. Energy bar: You might not get time to eat an entire meal between greeting guests or between the various rituals, an energy bar or energy drink will keep you filled. Cellphone charger: This is a must! Scotch tape, Strong adhesive:  Your shoe sole might come off or your clutch embellishment might come loose, fix it with an adhesive like fevikwik. A scotch tape or cello tape comes handy too. Contact lens solution and case:  If you wear contact lens you know the importance of these. Bottle of water: Keep yourself hydrated throughout. Carry a small bottle in the kit and get it refilled by your bridesmaid. Thin tip marker:  A marker or pen might come handy to mark those money envelopes or jot down last-minute details. Hand towel: In weddings the rituals quiet often involve coloured powders and various liquids, a hand towel will be handy to wipe your hands and your lehenga if something was to fall on it. Tooth-picks, Mouth freshener: Ate onions with your meal or leafy vegetables, keep these two to save you from any embarrassment. Straws: By now everyone must be knowing this- save your lipstick from wiping out by using a straw to drink. Eye brightening drops: This is not so common yet but you could ask your optician for an eye brightening drops. With all the makeup and disturbed sleep patterns your eyes end up looking dull, this helps brighten the white areas of you eye. Just pop them in before your reception photo shoot.

You could use a makeup bag or any box to store these items. It is better to first buy all the items and then purchase the bag as per the space needed. Most products are available at departmental stores or you could order online too. I have tried to link most products from the same website for ease of shopping. The products and brands shown in the picture above are mostly things I have personally used and would recommend, except for no.6,26,29,41,44,48 and 52. I haven’t been able to find some products – fevikwik, mints, u pins and waist cord- online. if you know any website selling them please leave me a comment.


I made a Bridal Emergency Kit as part of a gift for a bride-to-be friend of mine. I made personalised colour coordinated giftboxes for the smaller items, used travelling containers for liquids and printed a copy of the checklist. This was along with the Tommy Hilfiger lotion and perfume set I had planned on earlier. I put all of it together in a handmade paper box with ribbon tie ups. (Please note I haven’t added the Forever21 cosmetic items and certain other emergency items as I’l be purchasing them when I travel for her wedding and add them in the gift box)

You can download the following list and DIY your own Bridal Emergency Kit or be a good bridesmaid and make one for the next bride-to-be. 😉

DOWNLOAD: Bridal Emergency Kit Checklist

bridal emergency kit finalHave fun!

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