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I agree that mid-February is a bit late for a planner but I wanted to be completely satisfied with it’s usability before sharing it with you. Last year too I had made a planner (my first DIY on the blog ;)) and it was more of a technique post on how to make customized planners instead of a focused idea . Today I am sharing a fully planned out Blog Planner with free printables.

The blog planner printable includes : calendar, monthly planner / post checklist / monthly analytic tracker / annual analytic tracker / giveaway planner / guest post planner / sponsorship tracker / affiliate tracker / monthly finance tracker / user-id and password keeper / contact page / 52 week challenge tracker and 30 day tracker.

blog planner 2016


blog planner 2016

Even though the technique of making the planner remains same to the ‘2015 Planner’ tutorial, I am showing it in details in this post.

Step 1:

Open the wiro binding between the back cover and last page, you could do it free hand or use pliers. Once open slide out the back cover, front cover and the first information page. You will be suing these as guides for the hole punches.

blog planners blog post planner

Step 2:

Place the back cover of the notebook with the back cover printout- facing the wrong side of the notebook cover to the right side of the printout. Hold in place using binder clips.

Step 3:

Punch holes aligned with the notebook cover holes. Another technique would be to mark the holes with a pencil and then punch them, but I found direct hole punching gave a neater finish and was quicker too.

Repeat step 2 & 3 with the front cover of notebook and front cover printout.

Step 4:

Using the information page punch holes onto the divider page printouts. Place the wrong side of the information page to the right side of the divider printout (the tabs will be onto your right) and punch holes.

I had printed out the labels directly onto the divider page, but have kept them blank in the printable so that you can customize it.

A5 planner


You can make paper folders along with the blog planner printable. Using an A4 sheet fold it in half for a crease line. Next, cut out 1cm of the right fold leaving a tab of 1 cm on the left fold. Then fold along the crease line and paste the tab. Using the notebook’s information page punch holes on the extreme left of the folder (sorry the picture was taken on the wrong side).

planner printables

Step 5:

Using a lined page from the notebook punch holes onto the other blog planner printable pages – calendar, monthly statistics, yearly statistics, contacts, blog post planner, id and password, giveaway tracker, sponsor page, blog finance and others.

Step 6:

Take out all the pages from the wiro binding. Next, arrange the pages into a sequence of folder, post-it sheet, lined paper, divider, lined paper, divider, lined paper, divider, lined paper, divider, lined paper (optional), calendar, front cover and lastly back cover.

If you plan to make all the pages removable, including divider pages and folder, then you do not have to take out the entire notebook from the wiro binding. The covers can easily be inserted within the opening done in step 1.

free planner printables

Step 7:

Start placing the pages back into the wiro binding.

Step 8:

Now for the rest of the blog planner printable pages- using your scissor cut slashes from the edge of the paper to the hole punch. This makes the pages movable, you can easily push them into the wiro binding wherever you want them.

Do the same with quotes, additional card stock, tabs and dividers.

DIY planner


If you want additional tabs use 200 gsm or above paper and cut it into the desired length. Next using the information page of the notebook mark the width and leaving 1 cm extra cut it into size. Next punch holes and slashes. I also decorated mine with fancy curved scissors. Place where needed.

printable planner

Above are a few shots of the pages from the blog planner.

For the post-its page I used an OHP sheet and glue dots along with the various sized post-its.

planner pages


planner blog


free blog planenr printable

Click the pictures below for download.


Planner Cover

Collaboration and Guest Post Tracker

Yearly Statistics

2016 calendar printable


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