Bachelorette Bash on a Tray


Over the past few months I have often mentioned ‘a friend who is getting married‘ and today’s DIY was my gift to her- a surprise bachelorette party! We have a small group of 4-5 school friends who wanted to surprise the bride-to-be and what better way than a fun filled night. I prepared a bachelorette bash on a tray- consisting of themed articles to make the evening even more delightful. This is a perfect DIY a bridesmaid can prepare to make the bride feel even more special. These could be customized for any bachelorette party style- a cozy dinner, a few drinks over chatter, a home cooked meal or a night around town!

Bachelorette Bash Quick, Easy, Inexpensive

The tray consisted of the following: a crown for the bride-to-be, 6 sparkle rings for the bridal party, a set of 6 bachelorette bash coasters, a set of 10 party straws, 10 cupcake toppers along with cupcakes, 6 matching tissues, 5 party props for photography, 2 bridal games and a wooden tray with doilies. Along with being creative this is also an inexpensive bachelorette party idea.

Start by deciding on a theme or color palette. I went with feminine pinks, peach and silver for the theme. Next gather your supplies according to the theme. Materials required are:
– 2/3 sheets of fancy paper (for cupcake toppers)
– 1.5 inch circle punch (for cupcake toppers)
– Small heart punch (for cupcake toppers)
– 10 toothpicks (for cupcake toppers)
– Straws matching theme color
– 1/2 washi tape rolls (for party straws)
– Game print outs
– Coaster print outs
– Bamboo skewers (for party props)
– White hardboard (for party props)
– Blank rings (for bridal party giveaway)
– Wooden hearts (for bridal party giveaway)
– Sparkle dust (for bridal party giveaway)
– Foam sheets in 2 colors (for bride-to-be crown)
– Rhinestone chain (for bride-to-be crown)
– Wooden tray
– Doilies/ colored paper (for tray base)

Cupcake Toppers for Bachelorette Bash

The pictures explain the steps clearly. For the cupcake topper- use a 1.5″ circle, a heart punch in contrast color and a toothpick. Using Fevicol Glue Drops wrap half of a drop around the top edge of the toothpick and attach the paper heart to one side. Keeping the toothpick sandwiched in the middle attach the paper circle to the opposite side. Now insert the sticks in the cupcake or place around the tray for a burst of color.

Drink Stirrer Starws for Bachelorette

For the straws attach about 1.5 inch of washi tape at 1″ below the sipper side. Keeping the straw in the middle of the washi tape strip, fold over itself and cut a small triangle on the outside edge. This gives the tape a flag like shape. The washi tape flags add flare to a mundane item like the straws.

Customized Coasters for Events

These bachelorette coasters are a little tricky. First on a sheet of A4 paper, minimum 200 gsm, print out this design. I was able to adjust 6 coaster shapes onto a single sheet- you could either use my printable or design one yourself using a graphic software. Next cut them out in shape and paste onto a hard card-stock, this adds durability to these paper coasters. The next step is optional- add a layer of Mod-Podge or Fevicol mixed with water (2 parts Fevicol for 1 part water). The fevicol layer makes the coasters less porous, thereby further increasing the durability.

Party Props Easy to Make

For the party props I drew the shapes free-hand onto card-stock and filled them in with markers. You could use paint or bigger sized print-outs. Next cut them in shape and using an all-purpose glue attach the white painted bamboo skewers to the back-side on the right. You could use 8″ to 12″ bamboo skewers, but not shorter. Use regular acrylic white paint to paint them.

Glitter Ring for Bridesmaids

For the bridal party giveaways I used blank rings and heart shapes (used from wooden pegs). You could buy these blank rings from Ebay or use basic round rings too. First paint the rings using a silver marker. next apply a thin coat of Fevicol on one side and dip the wet side into a bottle of silver glitter. Once the heart is dry paste it onto the ring using glue dots or a hot glue gun.

Bachelorette Party Crafts

I arranged for two games- ‘memory with the bride’ and ‘how well does the bride know the groom‘ (both are linked to A5 sized graphics of the game). There are a few more games you can find on the internet, but knowing my friend these were the best choices and am glad she loved them. 🙂 When arranging the questions for the groom keep in mind the comfort level of the couple, especially in arranged marriages, and make sure to tell the groom to be discreet about it.

For the crown I drew a free-hand crown and used a pink and silver foam layered over it. I glued a line of clear rhinestone on the bottom edge and used pink organza ribbons for the tie-up. Use your own head as a rough guide for the crown size and to test the ribbon tie-ups.

Bachelorette Party Preparation

Once you have all the items ready start placing them onto the tray. I layered the bottom of the tray with purple pearl shine paper and a white doily. Next place the cupcakes, then the crown, the thick paper items and so on. The placement of each item depend son your tray shape and height. You can also add balloons to the set-up.

You can see more pictures on my Instagram. If you would like to order a set leave me an email or comment below for any further queries on the DIYs. 

Wishing all brides-to-be amazing last days of being single. 😀