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Lip Colour


Lip colours are an easy way to upgrade your look from drab to made-an-effort look. Makeup fanatics claim that lip colours, lipsticks to lip glosses, take-up most of their makeup space. Lipsticks are one of the easiest makeup items to apply and most of us just dab it on without ever paying attention to the application method.While that works it’s a good idea to know a few tips and tricks, and the following lineup of videos and articles are just what you need for that extra finesse.

There are four broad categories of lip colour finishes- balms, stains, mattes and gloss. Tinted balm is a way to dabble in colour while conditioning you lips and an easy go-to for daily use. Stains are longer lasting formulas suited for girls who want to be smear free throughout the day. Matte lipsticks are easier to dabble with for experimenting and are trending right now, they are a bit drying though. Gloss finishes are easily achievable with clear or tinted lip glosses and are perfect for an added oomph.

An in-depth study of lip colouring could be a long list with various makeup looks (from Kylie Jenner inspired fuller lips to natural no-makeup looks)but I have created a list of the basics you need to know. I do beauty roundups on various looks (ex: New Years Eve Looks) which you can refer to further.


The first step for perfect lip colouring is to get soft smooth lips. In the video Cassandra discusses homemade scrubs (you could even use the Honey Lemon Scrub ) and their properties. You could replace chilli-pepper from Cassandra’s scrub for cinnamon powder. Though a slightly long video but totally worth a watch.


Renowned makeup artist Lisa Eldridge shows us how to use lip liners to even out the lip shape. She demonstrates the shaping with a natural shade lip liner and a red lip liner. For additional tips you could also watch this video. Lisa mainly discusses tips to get a fuller lip but if you have too full lips watch this video for tips to minimize their appearence.

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Wardrobe Essentials – Part 3


In today’s edition of wardrobe essentials I will be discussing a few occasional wear clothes along with the pieces of clothing helpful in creating looks apart from the usual denim and top combinations. The following are indicative of pieces you need and you should purchase designs in each category which suit your body type and you are comfortable in. I would suggest trying out a few styles in a physical store and then purchasing it online once you are sure of which cuts you like.


11A soft outerwear like a knitted shrug or woven waterfall lapel jacket is a must in the wardrobe. These can easily change the look of your ensemble and are good for the breezy evening too. Pick a style that is also easier for you to carry around on work days too.

A:Forever 21 (Rs.1219) B:Koovs (Rs.1695) C:Jabong (Rs.1019)



Pick a faux leather jacket for a casual chic look or pick a pastel hued blazer to combine with workwear. You could even invest in a textured jacket to take you from workwear to evening wear. Purchase a good quality jacket as these can last over many seasons.

A:Jabong (Rs.2449) B:Forever 21 (Rs.1689) C:Jabong (Rs.2250)

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Drape Style – Saree


Today I will be discussing saree draping styles along with styling options. Sarees are usually worn with blouses with different embroideries and variations in necklines and sleeve lengths. I will not be discussing the basic blouses, instead I will talk about uncommon blouse options and how each can be styled in several ways. You can also use layering and accessories to create alluring looks with a saree.

The three common styles of draping the saree is the ulta-pallu (draping the aanchal of the saree over your shoulder to the back of the body), the wrapped ulta-pallu (after draping the saree in a ulta-pallu wrap the excess across back and take it over the opposite shoulder towards the front) and the seedha-pallu (draping the aanchal of the saree over the shoulder to the front of the body).


Style 1. In the first section I want to discuss slight variations in the drape of the basic styles. The shoulder pleats in a ulta-pallu are usually 4 to 5 inches wide and changing the width immediately changes the look of the saree. Try seven inches wide pleats at the shoulder along with a lower drape on the right side of the body. In a regular ulta-pallu drape after the waist pleats the saree is wrapped tightly across the hips towards the front and over the left shoulder but to achieve the first style variation after the waist pleats tuck the saree till the left front waist and let the pleats form across the hips and front waist over the left shoulder. You could also try twisting the aanchal of a light weight soft fabric and hold the twists with an embroidered tie up at the shoulder. While using this style make sure your blouse is well fitted, you should go for a thick fabric blouse or a completely embroidered blouse like the Anaikka beaded blouse.

Style 2. The second style is a variation of the seedha-pallu. After draping the aanchal over the right shoulder to the front of the body drape one side around the neck over the left shoulder and leave the other side falling at the front in a diagonal. This drape style is well suited for sarees with aanchal focused prints or embroideries.


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Wardrobe Essentials – Part 2


In continuation with last week’s wardrobe essential post, today I will be discussing the important tops and shirts to have in your cupboard. These are the fourteen basic styles and you could create various looks using them. I have suggested a product for each style and you could even buy something similar in your price point. Styling inspirations are given at the end of the post. Enjoy.



This is the most basic top style you will need. You could buy block coloured tees in various colours as per your choice. A heathered texture adds an additional element to the basic tee dressing it up a little. Go for a fitted or semi-fitted silhouette.

BUY: Forever 21 (Rs.429)



The printed t-shirt is an universal favourite. You could wear them for a lazy evening in, to go shopping or even a casual brunch outing. There are tons of styles and brands to choose from.You could purchase a mid to lower priced product because we tend to get bored of them easily. Buy two-three each quarter for your wardrobe.

BUY: Mango (Rs.790)

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Homemade Scrubs


I, like my mother, am an ardent lover of all things natural when it comes to skin care. Since adolescence I have been applying raw ingredients like honey and lemon and touch wood I have had decent skin. In the past few years, inspired by bloggers, I have started experimenting with homemade scrubs too. They have given me positive results and today I will be discussing 3 of my favourite scrubs! The best part is that you can customize it to your liking. Most ingredients will be easily available in your kitchen and it takes less than ten minutes to make each scrub.

The scrubs also make for interesting gifts and favors. I am gifting a set to my friend for her birthday but you could even give it as bridal shower favors.You could gather your bridesmaids and have fun making them as mehendi favors too. I have packed the scrubs in glass jars with customized labels along with a detailed pamphlet and tea-lights.

outside box



 An exfoliating sugar based scrub with detoxifying properties of lemon. Honey acts as a revitalising agent along with the calming properties of lavender essential oil. 

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Contouring and Highlighting


Contouring and highlighting are makeup techniques which help give your face a more chiseled look. Depending on your skin type and face shape you can use various products and product placement methods to define and sculpt your features. Kim Kardashian has been credited in recent times to have brought these methods to the foreground with her constant contoured and highlighted makeup looks. Though the forecast for 2015 is a more subtle contoured look as seen in spring-summer shows of Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang and a few others.

2015 beauty trend

Courtesy: Cosmopolitan

Most girls I know aren’t really aware of contouring and highlighting methods. I would urge you to TRY this makeup route. It brings a definite suave to the face when done right and you could always play it up for a more dramatic evening look. The following are the top few videos that cover the basics of contouring and highlighting along with variations in looks.


Makeup artist Wayne Goss shows us the technique to find our cheekbone and explains the placement of the blush and the highlighter. The fish mouth is the most common method used to find the cheekbone but personally I find Wayne’s method to be better. According to this article applying your blush too low on the face can age your appearance and that’s what the fish mouth method did for my appearance but since I have been using Wayne’s method it is easier and more precise to apply the contouring products.

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